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Fatigue and Fibro Fog


Hi, I am only 19 and suffer from severe fatigue and fibro fog. I am a student so it’s really starting to affect my schoolwork. I’m not on any meds because i’ve done a lot of research and i’m not sure they’re worth it. Someone recommended Provigil for the fatigue, it’s usually used for sleep apnea. Has anyone tried that? Does anyone have some tips on focusing and staying energized?

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Have you tried guaifenesin


The cold medicine? How does that help with fatigue?


Hi, I’m 22 and have been suffering from the same thing for my whole academic career. I take over 15 prescriptions a day, and I hate it because my life revolves around drugs. If you can find natural remedies (e.g. yoga or mediating) for helping your body relax, it will be easier to sleep. Find time to create an exercise plan (can be super minimal) that will help unwind your mind and body. I try to stretch for at least 10 minutes in the morning and night to physically engage my body in some form of movement.

I’m a 5th year senior, and proud because this year I am scheduled to graduate. I took off a year to focus on my health, and it’s the best thing that I could have done. I still don’t have a working treatment plan, but I know a lot more about fibro and what I can do personally to help myself feel better. I suffer from severe depression and a dissociative disorder, but have found there is still hope.


I use magnesium, 500 mg daily along with vitamin D 3, 2000 iu and also take ginkgo beloba ( not sure how it is spelled). I am a college student and found that the right combination of supplements and good sleep along with plenty of water helps me get through the fog better than with out that combination. I also take a multi vitamin daily formulated for men who are in my age rang. I still battle fog but not as severe as before. But there are times when nothing seems to help. I just pray and meditate to thew best of my ability at the time. Yet, those times are farther apart than before and much less devastating.


I take Wellbutrin for depression but it seems to help me feel more ambitious. Another way to deal with fatigue is to accept that you have x amount of energy each day. Decide how you want to use it. Pace yourself. Rest when you need to. The only prescription I am on to deal with the fibro is a narcotic pain reliever because my main symptom is severe muscle aches. I wish you the best in your quest to find an answer.