Extremely Sensitive Feet

I haven’t posted in a while. I am do my best to manage on my own, but I am stumped on this.

The soles of my feet get so very sensitive, to the point where I do not want to walk. I have a pretty sedentary life and job, and don’t really notice it until I get home and take my shoes off. I wear wool socks that are soft, and my shoes have never given me issues. I know as fibro sufferers we tend to have increased sensitivity and pain, but this is like pins and needles. Not quite as bad as when your foot is asleep and waking up.

No diabetes, no neuropathy, and though I have sciatic pains occasionally they are not acting up. This could just be a new symptom for me. Anyone deal with this? Have any advice?

I may consider trying gabapentin if nothing else works, but would rather avoid it.

I’m curious. You said that you have no neuropathy. How do you know that this is not a new neuropathy? I’m wondering what might happen with warm soaks, if this would give you any relief.


Hi my name is Shannon yes I do identify with problems with your feet. I do nueropathy and plantar fasciitis. Oh it hurts so bad to walk. I’m not diabetic and I’ve never have had anything like this before. I had to go buy a special kind of shoes for people that have problems with your feet. I do wonder if it’s not something to do with my fibro. I’ve had fibro for 10 yrs and you hear people talk about new symptoms with fibro. So I don’t know but I do wonder if it’s related. The doctors told me don’t go barefooted at all. That has seemed to help. Thank you for sharing. Good luck!!

Thank you both for your replies. Shannon, what type or brand of shoes do you use? I saw some with high arch support but not much cushion, not sure which ones would help.

I tried warm/hot soak for my feet last night with Epsom salts and that seems to help. I will have to make it a routine for after work to really determine if it will make a difference.

A neuropathy is generally present all the time, either from a vascular or diabetic issue. It doesn’t go away until the underlying disease is addressed. Mine gets better when I stay off my feet or don’t walk much, which makes me think it’s not a disease. Just sensitivity to pressure, which is the hallmark of all my other symptoms.

When you’re soaking your feet add some lavender essential oil to the Epsom salt before adding to the water. Lavender adds to the relaxing qualities of the salts.

I understand your reluctance to use gabapentin but if you find that your sensitive feet a are negatively affecting your life then you might give it a try. My feet were so sensitive that it was keeping me up at night. Gabapentin has been a life saver for me. I don’t have health issues that would cause neuropathy except for fibromyalgia

I agree with others, sounds like neuropathy. I have it in both hands and feet, over my 20 yrs of fibro it has gone away and then comes back during flares. My feet were examined by checking to make sure there is good blood flow to my feet. Blood flow is good which lead to neuropathy which is just one of the companion conditions for fibro patients. There is another possibility - Reynaud’s syndrome so you might have your feet examined.

Hi this is the worst part for me. My feet are so tender all the time. I find it hard to stay on my feet more than an hour and the pain can get so bad that I can’t put any weight on them for days leaving me lying around. My doctor has given me Gabapentin to see how I go with it.

Be careful with the shoes that you are wearing as my feet swell when they are tender and I’ve found that wearing a much thicker sole helps with the discomfort. I had my feet measured and was told to wear a half size bigger. I almost didn’t believe it until I tried it but it’s made such a difference for me.

Hope things go well for you and if anyone has any advise I’d love to hear it.