Exhausted and have the flu

Hey everyone,

I hope that you are having a better day than I have been thus far. Right now I am typing this in bed, buried under a million blankets and sipping on some vanilla tea. I am the kind of person that wants to refuse that they are sick, but it wasn't until I was driving to work today, heat on full blast and still shivering and feeling faint that I realized I was sicker than I thought. So I decided to hop on here while I'm laid up and see how everyone is doing, I am sorry that I haven't been on pretty much at all as of late. Life and work have kept me very busy. Please write back to me (whoever wants to) and let me know how you are feeling today and if there is anything I can pray about for you guys!

Blessings and prayers

Howdy, Ahava. That's some nasty bug! I'm glad that you're not at work now. It's pretty hard to work with the flu. Bleh!

I was working on making Halloween necklaces to hopefully sell. I bought a boatload of various charms (most aren't Halloween themes) so I can work on them throughout the year. It's usually a lot of fun and gives me something to get up for. And I get to play with them, glueing them together in many different ways, sort of like the old-style Colorforms.

I got together with some friends yesterday and had a good time but by the time we were leaving the pub, I could barely move, the back pain was so bad! I think I was stuck in the sitting position even when lifted out, lol! It was just good to get out to see people, despite the core meltdown at the end.

I'm trying to lose weight by using the 5-2 diet. You eat normally for 5 days, then eat 500 calories for two non-contiguous days. It's supposed to reset your body so that your cholesterol and blood pressure go down. It's not a flighty diet plan, either. Scientists have studied it and found it to do those. So I'm going to give it a try, lol! I need to lose some much weight ever since getting on my meds! I just groan whenever I look in the mirror as I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Maybe tomorrow might be warm and sunny? That would be nice! And i hope you feel better so you can get out some. I think a bit of fresh air is important when your sick, except when you've got a fever going on. I know you must be feeling miserable right now, so try to get some rest and be sure to keep up your liquid intake. And please get to your doctor if you get worse.

Hugs and tea atcha,


Hi Ahava, those chills sound horrible !!! Drink lots of fluid , lots and lots ! Vit C , ecchinicia & zinc always help me :slight_smile:
Hope you feel better soon
Prayers for you
I am scheduled to have surgery on Friday , will discuss with the dr on tues if it will be a D&C or a hysterectomy , Oh boy do I need prayer about this one …
dee B


The flu is always horrible. I am adjusting to being of work. Just getting used to things being different. Spending lots of time with the grandkids. Hope you are better soon.

Hope you feel better soon , hugs angi xx

I have just got better after six repeats of anti-biotics, and eventually a 5 day stay in hospital to get IV anti-biotics to get over Micro Plasma Pnuemonia it's been about six weeks since I finally got rid of it but I have been left in a very fatigued state, just perplexed at what to do fatigue is always a problem Iv'e had a B12 Injection but have not noticed any improvement. it is very frustrating any step backwards in this condition you have to fight so hard to try and have a normal life. Also last week one of my best friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she goes in tomorrow to have the Ca removed, a prayer for Mary it makes you not to take tomorrow for granted I feel so useless at the moment and don't seem to be able to turn it around

I think I have the flu as well. I'm not getting the chills (or if I do they're mild and short lasting), but the aches and pains and headaches aren't fun. The headaches are manageable, so long as I don't stand up (like you, I'm laying in bed on the computer). I noticed I'm little more short of breath as well. I have a mild case of asthma and so far I haven't had an attack, so that's good. That and all the other things I'm going through lately isn't making things easy or fun!

Hope you feel better soon.

Gentle hugs.

hope your surgery goes well. I've had both done - many years ago (not at the same time or the same reason). The D&C was fairly easy.

Thank you all for replying, you all make me smile. I am sorry to hear that some of you are having such a hard time, Dee B you are in my prayers for your surgery! Petunia Girl, good for you it is SO important to do things in this life that bring you joy. Especially when you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. jeannie debra you are right, we should not take one day for granted. I will pray for your friend. I'm sorry to hear that you have the flu as well, Jacque56. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you.

Thank you everyone for saying hello and taking time to share with me, I am praying for peace and blessings for everyone. We all need it! :)

I hope you feel better soon,and that it is not the beginning of a long bout,that is how mine often start.But today was okay for a rainy cold day,Hope you are up and around soon,and glad that your life and health have been going well enough that you haven't needed to be here,hope you get back there real soon.

Hi Ahava,

I hope that the rest and the tea have done you good, hope that you have come out from under this. I know that any added illness just makes the Fibro worse, but hope you are feeling much better. I know that you are a very strong and determined woman, and it has served you well.

Take good care of yourself, and get well soon!

Sending some love,