Ok, so I have had Fibro for over 6 years now. I have had my up's and down's over as any other person does. My weight has been an exercise in futility as well. I was working out like crazy when I still felt relatively well, but over the last few years, its gotten worse. I lost about 50 lbs and than put 60 back on. I work out (low impact, laps in the pool) and my whole body hurts for the rest of the week. I got on the tread mill for about 45 mins, just walking slowly with no incline and now I feel like my shins are going to split in half just by walking to my car. I am wearing excellent Nike tennis shoes with great arch support but I still feel like a 36 year old in a 90 year old body. I actually had to support my hand on the side of the bath tub just so I could sit on the toilet this morning. It seems like no matter what exercises I do, my body feels like it's going to split in two.

Despite being extra careful, doing low impact exercise, aqua aerobics, laps, and wearing some of the best tennis shoes possible, I can't exercise enough to make a difference in my weight without injuring myself. If I can't get my weight off, my symptoms will continue to get worse. I know there is no cure for FM, but if I can get some of the extra weight off, I can feel a little better. I'm not looking for a beach body, I just want to be healthy, well as healthy as I can be with the Fibro. I eat healthy and its still not enough. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

Hello April,

I read your post with interest, as I know there are some on here struggle with their weight, also. I only realised the other day, I have put on a stone (14lbs ) in the last year. Like you I keep myself as busy as I can, eat healthy, but don't tolerate exercise too well. I try and walk as much as possible tho'. Sadly I don't know the answer, just wanted to show my support - you are not alone. Praps it's meds, I take amitriptylene. Hopefully someone will come on here and say how they manage.

Take care, Anne

I have found exercise to be hard.I have RA as well as fibromyalgia and i find exercise diffcult.I flare madly if i do try and exercise and have zero energy for ages after i do try and exercise.I have gained 6 stone after going on medication.I dont know how to lose it as exercise seems to make me worse.I feel for you and i wish you well

Hi April,

Sorry you feel like you are 90. I have those days too and weight issues. Are you on any meds for Fibro. I know Lyrica make me retain lots of fluids and no matter what I do the fluid will not go away. So the weight packs on even more. Gentle hugs to you.


Hi everyone, I appreciate all of your input. I know I put a difficult question out there, I was just hoping that there might have been a solution that I haven't heard of. I am just incredibly frustrated. I also had to happen to be in menopause at the age of 36 having had to have my ovaries and uterus removed. So my metabolism is basically nonexistent. I just want to feel healthy and young. I know I will never be like I was 10 years ago, balancing a full time job, raising my kids, constant house work and running errands. I now I will never be that person again, but I would like to be able to at least do a shift at work, and be able to go to the store afterwards without feeling like I am going to break. I work 12 hour shifts as a Respiratory Therapist. It's a very physical job. I have been out on disability for the last few mos. because of the nature of my job and the constant flare ups that I get. My doctor told me that I need to get a new career. How does a middle aged person who is still paying off her student loans and trying to support her family on disability supposed to get a new career? I can't stay on disability so I am going to have to go back to work asap. Which is why I need to find a way to get this weight off of me, so I can go to work and not feel like I am going to break in half while lugging all this extra weight around.

I am in the SAME boat! Hoping that someone on here has some great ideas!

Hi everyone.

Sorry you all are having weight issues but glad it is not only me. I have continued gaining weight. I weigh more now than I ever had in my life! It is very depressing and embarrassing. I too have tried all the things that used to work for me, well, they don't work now!

As all of you, exercise kills me. I was always a health and exercise nut, no longer.

If anyone has found a solution, please share it. If I discover something, I will share it also.