Exercise.... Does it really help?

In the past three weeks or so, after I got some better from my surgery, I decided that I was going to redo my kitchen cabinets so I started working on cleaning them. What a chore! I could only do a couple and then would have to stop for the day, or two. I also decided that since I was going to hurt anyway, I might as well try to do more. So, Tulip and I started walking every day. (Tulip is overweight and ona diet- she has lost 6 of the needed 12 pounds so far.) I graupdually increased my distance to where I am walking about 30 minutes every morning. Sometimes I can barely walk when I get home and sometimes I do better. And overall, it is getting easier. And it is some good outside time breathing in the fresh morning air.

Anyway, the point is that I think there is some truth to exercise helping with fibro. I don’t know that it makes the fibro any better (actually feels some worse some times) but it makes me feel better overall. And I am talking about walking at a regular pace, not race walking or power walking. In my mind, exercise has always meant straining, grunting and groaning and sweating up a storm. You know, no pain, no gain. But this is awesome and I am glad I rediscovered it. Plus it helps its this damn pesky plantar fasciitis. Anyway, might want to give it a try and see how it works for you. When I first started, I walked up and down the street so I was never far from home. Now, I walk to the mall and walk around the outside of the mall.

And yes, I know it is cold. It was 31 here this morning at 6 am and I did fine- had on my sweats, a jacket over that, thermal underwear, hat and gloves. And I stayed pretty toasty. Tulip, of course, had on her Auburn Tigers sweater. LOL. No, she doesn’t have a sweater but if she did it would be from my alma mater, Rice U.

Okay, just my input for the day. Never hurts to try. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out for you.



I hate to agree with getting more of the hated exercise but gentle exercise does help you to feel better, as does real fresh air, as opposed to stale bedroom or living room air. And the sun on your skin feels good too. And hey, it IS good, giving you much needed Vitamin D.

Walking can be for short distances or longer. Just getting out of the house and walking a block is cause for celebration.

But MBP, gotta say, I'm not gonna agree with you on walking on coooooold winter days. That's just torture on the achy bones, tendons and muscles, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ya know, I used to be the one freezing all the time and all bundled up when it got below 70. I think I must be going through menopause or something cuz that has definitely changed. I have no way of knowing though as I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 40 and the doc says he won’t test my or ones unless I tell him I can’t handle the hot flashes. The temperature thing might also be related to my dysautonomia. Or it could be that I simply have AFU- All Fu****** Up, for which there is no cure. LMAO

As far as walking, don’t walk at 6 am, wait until the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. It is amazing to me that it can be really cold but if you are moving around I the sunshine, it doesn’t take much to warm up.

Here’s to nice long walks and a gorgeous tan!

Good for you girly! Yeah it hurts more to do it but over the weeks and omg months lol it does help. Also helps the sleep if you can get it.

The cold weather is a real downer, especially on the motivation, though isn’t it.

Yep, the cold makes it harder to get out of bed but easier to walk farther once I am up. But it is nowhere near as cold here as it probably is where you are. And Tulip is loving it- every time I reach for my shoes she thinks we are going on another walk. Have a great day. Hugs, MB

It was 46 today which is cold enough for me. The winters aren’t too bad in England compared to some places in America but they still suck. Makes me feel a right old lady! Lol. That’s sweet about your little baby. Such characters aren’t they.

Yeah, walking to the mailbox to send me my fudge!

I agree with you. I have been able to walk off and on and when i do I definately feel better. On ONE condition, if my fatigue isn't so bad that I'm having my CFS symptom warning signs of tender lymph nodes, sore throat, feeling faint etc.

I cannot push through fatigue...and they'll find me alseep on the sidewalk if i do!

But Mentally and physically (if I don't get a Super Woman complex) and push too hard.My Dr has always suggested walking every 3rd day. I walk about 30 minutes. That way my CFS doesn't flatten me.

But it does help my Fibro pain...I just splurged on a credit card and bought what I've wanted for years...some REAL UGG boots! They have a new style for walking and I said to myself (last night with card in hand) YOU deserve this!!! I have NO ONE to buy for and I'll be alone on Christmas...and I'm SO excited about it! I'mvery conservative with money, so it was a big step for me...but I think it'll make walking more enjoyable:)

warm hugs,


You deserve the boots. I think I have been trying to be superwoman cuz really tired today- beyond tired. But I would probably feel much better if Avenk hadn’t sent my fudge to the wrong address. LOL

I’m so glad you posted this… I often wonder if this whole exercise thing has any truth ??? There is no way I can walk in the cold, I can’t stand just getting out of my car to get gas ! But I have been considering an exercise bike, at least I can sit, lol , i will sit on the bike and have a table of tea and cookies next to it ,

Seriously I’m so glad you are doing well & exercise has made a difference
That’s awesome

Hugs & blessings

Well, we shall see. Yesterday, I stayed in bed most of the day and I feel so tired this morning still. I think it caught up with me. I also think that the pain medicine I am on may have given me a false sense of invincibility (for lack of a better word) and I did way too much!

We shall just have to storm his office and knock down the iron gates surrounding his Isle of Opiates. LMAO maybe you will get some relief. I sure hope so.

Is that chocolate fudge? I’m still waiting for mine too… Cmooooooooon lol

Omg you want my docs address? He needs a visit. Out of frickin hours too! Think someone hit my last nerve lol

I am on my way. Should be the around noon tomorrow! Have some hot tea ready for me, or better yet, a hit toddy. LMAO

Lmao. You’re so funny! I’m off to clear out a bakery right now too. We may need a Santa suit and a power nap after lol

Yes light exercise is a must for me. If I stay in bed everyday or sit around I just get worse. Having two little girls I get a alot more exercise now. Having something to focus on helps... Watch the documentary HAPPY on netflix if you have it. It talks alot about people who have a specific exercise or thing they do like gardening... where they sort of get into a blank flow... and those type people are more happy and have less stress. Which to me equals less pain.

Yeah its hard to get going with docs that will give pain meds and try different pain meds to find the ones that will work for you. Because of Americas widespread abuse of alot of the medications its getting even worse for those of us in pain to get treatment that we need. They are even moving to making alot of time release medicines into a hard gel like substance so it can not be crushed which gives me stomach cramps and it stays in the digestive track so long it can actually come out the other end eventually. Ive had fibro since a child and been with some of the same docs and pain clinics for soooo long that they dont mind prescribing a normal dosage of pain medication. but since its fibro there always very leery or hard to move up on a dose or change if its not working as good.

Brady, I couldn’t agree more. Dang, just having two children qualifies as exercise. No special equipment needed! LOL. I am happy to walk my dog every morning- it just makes me feel better to get out even if I don’t walk too far on a day when I am in a lot of pain or very tired. And you should hear the conversations we have. Very intellectual and enlightening to be sure! LMAO. And we always go in the morning usually before or just at sunrise so there aren’t many people around who can see me talking to myself. I would hate to have the neighbors talking about the crazy woman that lives down the street.

I also like to work in my yard, which is much harder for me now. The last time I mowed the lawn it took me almost two days cuz of all the breaks I took but it got done. And you would think that hubby would see it partially finished and help, but nooooooooo… He is too tired or his big toe hurts or…

Thanks for the suggestion on HAPPY. I will look for it now and put it in my queue.

I have heard that Pilates are awesome but don’t you need special equipment for that? I can’t afford the gym.