Everything was going so well yesterday, then 'BOOM, BOOM, OUT GO THE LIGHTS!'

I had a good visit to the Rheumatologist, in spite of being tired from having the baby, and a morning of freezing rain, he thought that I am "better, that even though I have had this for a LONG TIME the Enbrel was working", my reply to that was for him was not to mistake me wearing makeup for being better, I wore it because we are meeting my granddaughter for dinner. She told me at Christmas that I need to get dressed up and wear my make up more, that it covered up the agony a bit. (This little gal has wanted to go to med school since she was 7, is graduating High School with honors and with about 4-6 College credits) His reply was that I had never been as animated as I was yesterday. I made him chuckle a few times yesterday, and found out he has a sardonic sense of humor too, makes me love him even more!

I do not have Scleoderma or Cushing's. The hump on the top of my back is from the arthritis. Not a buffalo hump from Cushing's disease, so hopefully it will not get any more pronounced. He wants me to get an MRI of upper and lumbar spine, look at the tailbone stenosis, and find out what is going on with hump and numb arms and hands. He said he will order MRI of mid back next time.

I found out Ethyl Chloride is available as a prescription, and I got sprayed there and a prescription, so now I can be sprayed with this to numb my SI joints and tailbone to ride in the car and got the only bottle available at Wal-mart!!! HURRAY!!!!!

Now sometime in the night I was found twisted up, on the bathroom floor with NO RECOLLECTION of even going to the bathroom, much less falling. Because it's my left side, I'm guessing I got up to pee and once again fell asleep on the toilet. I do not even recall my husband talking to me, trying to get me up, but remember my Mom trying to get me up, finally succeeding, though I would not take her arm, as that would only pull her down. She said it took her over an hour to get me off the floor, and into bed, that I would not allow her to call the Ambulance. I remember none of that!

Called the DC because my PCP is out of country, he sends me to Urgent care to make sure no bones are broken, no concussion, the nurse there gets my medical history and immediately sends me to the ER. 7 hours after leaving the house, I am finally home, with a diagnosed concussion, and no recall of it what-so-ever, so torqued up I can barely walk. I am really twisted and banged up!! Don't know if the Chiropractor will even see me with a concussion, I thank God no bones broken or chipped!

I had not taken any narcotics, or the night time valium, so they cannot be the reason for this happening. Just not really sure what did happen, but the cat scan was clean, I am to be watched for the next 24 hours. The ER DR told me that it is common to not have recollection of things when a concussion occurs, and that I may have memory lapses for the next week or two!

Hopefully tonight will be uneventful!!

OMG. You are going to drive me to drink.

Good thing I love you.

Call me if you need anything....

I'm very thankful SK that you have less serious hurts although tomorrow and the next day you may have more hurts and bruises. So, you started out your day rather banged up. Just don't try that again! We your friends just don't like those kind of surprises. You quite likely were overtired from having the baby extra to take care of plus his birthday and sleepover with Grandma. I hope the kids enjoy them for as much as it wears grandmas and grandpas down.

Glad your visit to the Rheumatogist had some good news.

Gentle hugs


OMG SK, I hope you're ok? Is you're bp ok? Mines drops (sometimes drastically) whenever I stand up. I've been lucky to be near a seat, or I'd hit the floor alot. By the way, what is ethyl chloride? I've never erd of it. Hope your war wounds are soon healed, hugs, Charlie :)

Oh, SK!!! That's awful! To start out the day so well and have it end like that...From experience, concussions can affect you for at least a month. Not saying yours will but just in case, be prepared. They can also make you dizzy and make the room look tilted, like a funhouse room. So don't be surprised if that happens to you.

Yeah, I'd be kind of surprised if your DC would see you while you're in this condition. And I'm not sure your body could take it at the present time.

What's really frustrating is that you don't even know what caused the fall. Was it fibro? Maybe. That can make knees and ankles give out suddenly, without warning. Or something else? Well, no matter, you are going to need to take extra care for awhile.

And I'm really happy to hear that you don't have Schleraderma or Cushings. Schleraderma would have been an awful, awful illness to have...just reading about it made me sick. It's like something from a horrible Sci-Fi movie. Cushings is also awful in it's own way but you don't look like you have it from your photo, although I realize it may not be too recent.

Can you use the Ethyl Chloride whenever you're in pain or just for car rides? Man, that bottle could be seeing some serious use soon!

So arthritis in the back causing the hump - is it Osteo of PsA? I'm guessing Osteo. That's a bummer but it's better than the alternatives listed above, or at least better than Schleraderma.

I hope the rest of your night was uneventful. My lord, SK, maybe you should look into one of those therapy dogs for fibro.

Keep us updated and get better,


Wow! When will your doctor be back? Does he have another doctor covering for him while he's gone? I would want to see him ASAP and have him try to figure out what happened. That is scary.

Hope you're doing ok today.


Wow what a scary thing for you, even with you not remembering. So glad you didn’t get hurt. Hope you are doing better. Becca

SK.....thank God you are ok! It could have been alot worse. Ethyl Chloride can have some bad side effects......I wonder if that is what caused you to black out.....when it's sprayed, can't help but inhale some of it..



Be careful,


It might be your new drug...especially is you sprayed in closed room. here is wiki link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloroethane Your new drug is used by kids to teenagers to inhale and get high off of.

So, it is possible that interaction with any of your other drugs was enough to have you sleep walk and than fall.

This use to happen to me often when they had me on ambien plus mood drug..which is common but not recalling name right now. I did sleep walk as child but i never fell down. With the combo..i would often wake up as i was falling. So i got to where I did not take it..or only take one. I had quack of PA who kept insisting that i take it....

I did stop and it took about 6 months for sleep walking to stop....after being on those drugs for about 6 months at the most....i than went to pain specialist...one how taught at Medical Teaching College in Oregon and had a great national reputation...which i found out later....he said i was lucky to not be dead with combo that stupid PA has put me on.

Anyways....you might have pharmacist double check to make sure that all your drugs are okay together. Also if you lost a lot of weight and have not reduced dosage that could cause drugs to effect you differently.

As to pain...have you tried TEN's Unit...i think for your exact issue it would be excellent. My mom used it for spurs in her back...which hurt tailbone in car...like you said plus up to her neck if one just drove over very small bump. With TEN's Unit it stop all her pain.....but strangest was after by pass..she lost 40 lbs and had no pain at all...so guess spurs moved differently away from her back.

I am sorry this has happen to you...i had not ever heard of that drug so that is why i Wikipedia it. I hope you do find what caused this.....and if you were sleep walking..there is most different look to you...that people talking to you can tell you are still asleep. I would speak and answer questions like i was fine....when i was on ambien and mood drugs..i would sometimes answer normal but other times did not make sense...but a lot of time i was only one home..which made is all more scarier and why i did not want to continue taking either one of those drugs.

Thanks for the info on the EC. I had no idea this was the new drug of choice for kids! How frightening! I was sprayed about 1:30, by the nurse, and she brought my Mom in and let her spray my knees and feet, so she would know how to use it! You cannot hold the can in one place, you must quickly move it over the body. He told me it was not for regular use and to make sure to have good ventilation. So promised him that I would not abuse it.

It was great to be out of intractable pain for a while, I was able to enjoy myself, my Mom and granddaughter, but I totally overdid it. When the exhaustion hit me, it hit fast and hard. I felt like I could barely drive home. It's like I was telling my Rheumatologist, to really do anything, I know I will be down for at least a day, sometimes a week, but that if I don't over do it once in a while, then I do nothing.

I feel like I've been run over by a bus then a truck hit me before I could get up! ha!

I picked a full moon for this, the ER was packed, I was in an overflow ward, in a room the size of a broom closet, but the nurses and Dr were great. The lying flat on the x-ray table was the worst, I was sobbing until those were over, but understand how important it was to have them taken. There were so many, I should be glowing today!

When I went to urgent care, the first stop, as I told the nurse my illnesses, a tear ran down her face before I could get to the Sciatica and Fibro, so I just stopped. Even the ER Dr was super sympathetic. He asked me why I took Phenergan, I said I have to take it before the Opana, when he asked me why I took that, at that point I just handed him the list. He said no wonder, you poor dear! That's a first!

When checking in they asked if I was there for pain drugs, I said that no, I already had them, but had not taken any when this occurred, or since it occurred, but did not need any from them. Then I asked them if they understood my illnesses. They asked me to spell all of them, so I seriously doubt it, but they were not the actual nurses. Why are medically ignorant people asking me health questions, anyway?

Anyway, I hope it's not the EC that had anything to do with it. I'll surely be careful with it, but will not quickly give it up! It's the oonly thing that has really helped with the constant pain.

Hoping you are all well,


Oh, gosh. So sorry. My nephew wants to be a dr and likes me in make up. I just think it scares him from what I used to be. Take care of yourself SK.

SK, OMG … As I was reading your post, I kept thinking , please don’t let it be a stroke… That is so awful, I wonder if your blood pressure did drop causing you to fall & hit your head… I’m with Renie, I may need a drink after reading this …
Please follow up with your Dr. Something caused you to fall, but I’m so glad the CT was neg, if any other symptoms surface please get them checked out. Maybe your dr. Can check for Carotid blockage, TIA’s are mini strokes, that won’t show up on CT… I’m sure they thought about that, but it’s just the nurse in me… Thinking about what could have caused you to black out… Geez women… Please slow down,
Is your mom and hubby ok, I’m sure it had to be so scary for them, especially when you didn’t recall it.
I have to look up that EC, I never heard of it.
If you need anything, don’t hesitate…

Hugs & blessings
Sending my love & prayers for a complete recovery

SK, Sorry to hear you had such a terrible day and I hope you are okay. Your Mom is incredible for staying right there with you and your hubby. Must have been a big scare for you all. Please take care, Hugs, Robin

ER's can be such long waits and the full moon does effect people, ask any ER type of person , medical or Law enforcement and they all agree it brings out the strange ones. I am very sorry that you had to wait so long too. Some hospitals have open up Urgent care and than ER with ER for only life / death type of problems and Urgent care for many people with out insurance who go to ER once they get very sick. Plus we are not ER Docs, often, like your situation, if it was stroke getting that drug into you with in that time limit could make all difference in the world!

Also, it is normal for them to ask you to spell the drug names you are on, partially since many drugs do sound similar also it is way of seeing how alert a patient is at that time. I put names of drugs i take daily in my wallet since it has my medical cards also so it will go with me for sure. I do not always have the otc or drugs I take off and on but guess i should those as well since they do interact just as much as RX drugs.

If i was you, I really have pharmacist go over with you plus maybe your grand daughter all your drugs you take both prescription and over the counter, supplements, herbal teas etc. I did not know about Opana so looked it up and it states it should not be used with other pain killers plus Valium drugs. It is habit forming drug so it does stay in your system plus there are time released pills. It now has over taken Oxycontin and most abused pain killer drug!

Sad part about this..is all the discussion about why we in pain are not given enough pain medication, but sadly too many people keep using drugs illegally or selling them to street users to make money. All those actions hurt us who really need them.

I hope your EC does not have anything to do with it...but considering you have very strong pain medication and EC is looked at as mild..it might...plus it said it should not be used in curved spines. I am not sure if that would include your back problem.

IF they do, try the TEN's Unit like i originally suggested. For Hutch back which my mom was starting to get due to her back problems it worked wonders!

You might have just passed out from over doing it while going the bathroom too. I know what it is like to finally feel good and you just want to make the most of it. Not only does my husband remind me to slow down but all my neighbors...who seen me sick enough times. I do it out gardening ...keep thinking just one more thing. Than it is like how you described, feel like someone beat you with bat.

Nice hot bath with epsom salts really will help but make sure even that is safe with drugs. I have noticed after taking baths with it how dehydrated i am also. It does really help with that kind of pain though.

I am very sorry that this happen to you and am glad it was not stroke or heart problems but please have pharmacist sit down and go over all your drugs and check for interactions. But on the other hand, I am happy you did have a very nice day with both your mother and grand daughter.

I so sorry you had such a long wait in ER...full moons do bring out the strange and sick! Also it is very normal for them to ask you to spell your drugs as many sound similar and it is a way to measure your alertness. BUT, i just have in my wallet or where your medical cards are note with my daily drugs on it, strength plus instructions how to take. It also be smart to add any other drugs you take off and on,plus otc and supplements including Teas.

I am very happy it was not stroke or heart problems as that did cross my mind but knowing few people who had them they all felt sick none just woke up in another room. You most likely over did it and possibly small interaction with your new drug and pain killer drug caused a black out. I had not heard of it so checked it out and like my pain killer it is for severe pain so serious narcotic drug...in fact it now is most abused pain killer drug beating out Oxycontin!

Just reading about some of interactions, I think it would be very wise for you to take all your drugs including over the counter to your pharmacist and have them go over about drug interactions and if they are safe to take with your other drugs. Especially as we age, or are sick and if our livers and kidneys are not working as well as they should, the drugs do not get expelled out of our bodies as fast as younger or healthier person so they can build up in our bodies.

I even thought about if you did add new kind of make up since your grand daughter had suggested it....it is slight but possible that you had interaction with it as well as small ones with other meds plus over doing the day and it all was too much for your body.

I hope though that having a really nice day was worth still ....i know they probably are far and few in between the bad days so you just really went all out! Also if it was interactions remember the TEN's Unit for your back pain! It is a great option with out the use of drugs and you can wear it with out anyone having a clue as it fits in pocket.

I hope you do get to have many more nice days with both your mother and grand daughter and that this was just something very simple to fix!!

Oh SK, that really sounds like a crazy day. I am so glad you are OK and did not do anymore damage than what you have done.. Although I agree with Rachael that you might have a few bumps and bruises come tomorrow.

I am very interested in what you said about your buffalo hump cause I have a real bad one , it just appeared in the past 2 years since I have been feeling so ill. MY GP says it is nothing to worry about . I also have two big lumps over my collarbones at the front at the sides of my neck. Is this worth mentioning to the Rheumy when I go.

Anyway stay safe today .. Cheers Lisa

Hi Lisa,

For sure show your Rheum everything, tell him everything. He is your very best hope if he is worth his title and education! I thought I had Cushing's, he said no, it's the Psoriatic Arthritis, so the new MRIs he ordered will take a new look at that area and the stenosis and SI joints of the lumbar.

I have been taking it easy and following ER directions.

Hope you will be okay and the Rheum has some answers for you.