Even Grocery Shopping is too hard!

Hi, friends!
I recently signed up for Walmart delivery, and it has been a life saver. Not only will they deliver to your door, but anything that has to be shipped gets free delivery.
I knew that with my hubby’s knee replacement surgery coming up, he would be unable to make trips to the grocery store, and grocery shopping takes a lot out of me. I always end up paying for it the next day, experiencing more pain and tiredness.
We just got my husband home today from the hospital - He’s doing very well! And, I’m really glad that I thought ahead and took care of the grocery issue! I am also blessed to be able to work from home, so I’ll be here to take care of him while he recovers.
Anyway, I was wondering if others on the site have the same difficulty with shopping. Blessings to you all! :purple_heart:


Hya Lisa! :smiley:

This is how it is in my little world…
My shopping is pretty perfect, since it needs to be: I live between 2 organic food stores, takes 5’ to cycle to either, I go at times they’re pretty empty, get my roughly 15 products twice a week, mostly tons of veggies and 6 litres of almond or soy milk, in 10-20 minutes. To make sure I don’t blunder around I have a set list in the order of the store: always 10 veggies at the front (3-5kg), 6x “milk”, praps: bread, yogurt, gluten-free muesli. Anything else I get in bulk (or could do) when I have extra energy, like apple sauce, quinoa, aloe vera bottles and tons of nuts & dark chocolate. At the checkout I sort it by where they go in our flat, like 1 (cotton) bag for the fridge, 1 for muesli and “milk”, 2 for veggies. So I just put the few fridge things in it, the rest I can leave till my energy is up again.
My supps I get via online pharmacies & almost everything else used via eBay.
If I had to get my wife’s stuff more often I would organize it all similarly - but twice a week, not like her once.
The distances may be Germany for ya, but also the decision to live in a place where culture and shops are 10 mins. away, but nature is too. Similarly close to a train station, as I myself just cycle, don’t drive.
As my food mainly consists of 12 types of pure raw veggies, which I just chop up, it’s my restrictions that help save time and energy… and luckily I’ve learnt to love what I eat.


Hi, Jay,

That made me tired just to read about it -LOL :laughing:
Seriously, though, it is great that you live right by your fav stores!
Working takes everything out of me these days…
And your post just made me hungry - Headed to the kitchen!!! :yum: