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EpicGenetics new blood test for Fibromyalgia


There is a company called EpicGenetics in Los Angeles, CA they have developed a blood test to determine if you have Fibromyalgia. It’s call FM/a blood test. You need to either go their website or give them a call. (310)■■■■. They will take you insurance info to see if your insurance company will pay for it. They will ask you what medications you are on etc. I am going to take the test because if it comes back positive then I will be able to be in some of their clinical studies. Unfortunately, I had a steroid shot in August so now I have to wait till November to take the test. But if anyone is interested I would recommend you going for it.


I read about that on Facebook and just now checked out the website. Sounds promising. Unfortunately medicaid doesn’t cover the test and it is over $1000 for it, you can make payments though and since I am not working right now I would have to.

If you get into the study update us on how it is going.


Wow I guess this is not for my pockets.Lol


Medicare will cover it and some insurance. The doctor in charge has stated for years that he would start administering the trial vaccine as soon as the FDA approved it but he is not keeping his word. It was authorized in October 2018 and, with unknown dozens or hundreds of us who took the test waiting since 2012, Dr. Bruce Gillis stated that has decided “to wait a while before” starting. True compassion, now already six months, I could be dead before he goes ahead.


sounds like a scam to me. reputable docs and labs have come up with NO kinds of tests, yet i was diagnosed 40 years ago by what I told the doctor. If this place can get $1000 fromjust 50 people, that’s $50,000 – possibly more will fall for it and now Dr. Gillis is checking out a little grass hut in some foreign country. Glad I didn’t pay into it. I feel sad if everyone loses their money :=(


I had the blood test and tested high for fibromyalgia. My neighbor, who also had the blood test, received a letter from epicgenetics stating that they need more participants so that they can proceed with the second trial using the TB vaccine to enhance the patient’s immune system. I encourage people to check it out.


**Thanks for your post, helpful info and more recent than mine. Epicgenetics is his private company and he is financing this on his own. I’d like to think he just underestimated the number of fibies who could pay $1000. It is unusual to pay to be in a trial but there aren’t any grants I don’t think.

That said, we are all in pain and can’t wait six more years.