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Energy and using site

I have no energy and I think this site is so hard to use. I hate tech and all day and night I try to figure out how to use tech. I am so lonely and tired and I would use site more if I could figure it out. Please help Thank you very much

Hey Patty,
Can I ask which parts of the site are you having difficulty with? If you can be a little more specific some members maybe able to share their strategies. For example I often use hyperlinks or shortcuts or favourites to access specific links, rather than clicking through the menus.
If you have other suggestions, please, put them forward, let us know. Things can only be improved if members let us know the issues they may be having. Somethings may well be outside of our control, like the things controlled by the host site. But please let us know, we should always be aiming to improve.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Hi Patty , I’m not at all tech savvy but after fiddling around this site have been able to navigate it pretty well. Just keep trying at your own pace . You were successful reaching out with your first message. & Hi I’m glad your here and I hope your energy level improves and your better rested after the weekend. Happy Valentines Day . Welcome to the group .

Hi, I feel for you!! Write me anytime if you need someone to talk to!!

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Patty, Seenie here also from ModSupport. Two important moves for you:

  1. Putting your cursor (arrow) on the purple bar at the top of the page and clicking will take you back to the home page
  2. When you are on the home page, clicking on “How to use this site” will give you video “Slide Guides” to help you learn how to get around here.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

One more thing:

  • To send a private message to CalamityJane, click on her avatar (red circle with a C in it), and then on “message”. Presto, magic! And you can read her profile on the way.

Hope this helps!


Hi , i dont even know how to describe my lack of understanding of anything digital. I don’t know if thats the right word. I have prolems all day every day with my Kindle FIre and my phone. I don’t know whaat a hyperlink is , or how to upload or dow load. Thank you so much for trying to help. I start off trying really hard to understand something lets say the cloud, or the cut click paste tray. I read everything i can find on Wikipedia, i watch you tu e tutorials, i call Amazon and send emails. Then i use the experience as a way to gain patience. Eventually i will start crying and will yell at my husband when he fixes the problem and cant answer the same question i always ask, But hiw did you know that ? Well, you just have to fool around with it is always the answer. I am 59. Thank you so much for trying to help. Gestures of kindness like that are why i love this sight ( website) i fit in without trying to pretend that i fit in. Thank you very much.

Hi there Patty. Here i am in bed, sleepless, putting in time because I’m coming off a few weeks of heavy duty pain meds after big spine surgery. My back is great but this brain reset really stinks. It was nice to read your post, and I do hear you about trying to cope with technology.

It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to learn. But learning how is hard. What I do know is that the only way out is through, and you just need to keep at it. As someone who has ten more candles on my cake than you do, I know that only too well. And I’m proud to say that I’ve never taken a computer class in my life. So I do know about the “through” part.

Tell me, you mention your Kindle Fire and your phone. Is this what you work on? Do you have a desktop or a laptop as well? As you know, advice and instructions depend very much on what equipment you’re using. Cry and yell at your husband? Yeah, that’s one of my best coping strategies as well. LOL

A word about our website. The software it’s made with is a brilliant construction that anyone comfy with ‘puters can learn to use before they finish a mug of coffee. You and me? Just a bit longer. But we need to keep at it. Because if we don’t, we will be left behind in isolation.

All i can say is, “ask” and someone here will do their best to help.

Seenie from ModSupport