Enbrel: new high blood pressure issues

I’ve never had any problems with blood pressure and I’ve recently been to emergency room twice in 5 days. How do I get it out of my system? BP this morning is 196/133 pulse of 112 & that’s with taking Zestril and Hydrodiuril. I don’t want to die of heart attack or stroke! HELP!

hello. so are you saying those drugs are not lowering your BP? if that were me i think i would probably go back to ER. did they get it lowered when you were in the Er those 2 times? if so why is it going up again with those drugs they sent you home with. Please be careful and dont feel bad about going to ER with same issue. Do you have a private medical doc you can call to advise? if not go back to Er.. i have you in my good thoughts and prayers. let us know how it goes. HUGGGGGGGS


I see My rheumatologist for pretty much everything; the second er doctor said it was the Enbrel since I’ve never had BP issues. My normal range is 110 / 70. I started Enbrel March 29 and had a few sinus type headache but nothing like the one that sent me to the er the first time - severe pain n vomiting BP of 257/210! Both visits lowered the BP but it’s still going up. I have a appointment at 1:45 today but I have a feeling I’ll be sent right back to er if BP is up again and go through the same process all over! Very frustrating!