Took Effexor (anti-depressant ) started vomiting and feeling a little dizzy and dry mouth — I am not taking this again! I feel a little better now , but it isn’t worth it for me. I get hot flashes where it feels like my skin is on fire from
the inside. So weird. I took it two hours ago and I seem to be getting better since I vomited…the stuff is poison to me! Ugh I hate nausea. The nurse said to wait it out and call the doc in the morning if it does not get worse .Did anyone else take this and feel so awful?

Hi Lisa, I am sorry you had such a bad reaction to Effexor. I had a similar experience with Trazadone, just one dose and it was awful (breathing difficulty, hot flashes, nauseous, dizzy). I was really surprised as I generally tolerate medications well. However, each med is different and it is good to watch for side effects. Many side effects go away after a while which is good. Hopefully your doctor will have another medication they can prescribe. Hang in there and keep us updated. Hugs - I hope you feel better quickly.

Thanks, I will probably want to stay away from that one too. I feel a bit better this morning - but I am still weak and tired. Have to work too- life is tough with this…

I have tried Effexor in the past as well and had a similar reaction, in addition to feeling super emotional and tearful. I have recently had success with Escitalopram (Anti-depressant). Sometimes it takes time to find the right one for you. The side effects can be horrible, but when my doctor found the one that was right for me, boy was he right! : ) Only advice I can give: Don't let a bad reaction put a bad taste in your mouth to try new medications. I am thankful I did.

I hope you feel better soon,


Hello Lisa,

What a horrible thing to get that reaction. But as others say, hang in there to get the right meds. I wish you well.

Take care, Anne

No. But if I had, I think I wouldn't take it again. Not that I'm suggesting that you do something or not.

The burning sensation could be nerve pain - that can occur in fibro but the timing is certainly suspect.

I hope your doing much better today!