EFAC (Esterfied Fatty Acid Complex) cream or capsules for pain and peridontal disease

One of my doctors (Naturopath) attended a conference where she learned of this product. Several members of her staff have tried the cream and had quick relief from their pain. Originally, the product was developed and used for pets but is now available for all to use and comes in cream or capsules.

Has anyone tried this for their pain?


kholmes....you can get it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=EFAC

Also, on that same link that I posted contact info is on this page


I called there today and spoke to a doctor. He told me that it is not fish oil, but that it is derived from beef. I, unfortunately, cannot use it because of my bleeding disorder. :'( But I wanted to share the info so that other "normal" clotting people might benefit from it.

My Naturopath had brochures and samples, so maybe if you called the number they might be willing to send you some so you could try it.


Hi Ally,

Hope that you are well and happy! Good to hear from you!

This sounds fantastic! Tell me, is Inositol the main ingredient, they seem to keep that elusive, unless I missed it!

I may actually have this is my big supplement cupboard, I buy amino acids from this company. You cannot beat the purity!


Thanks for the heads up on this, it would help me in several areas!


I don't think it has Inositol in it, as far as I know, it is esterfied fatty acid. The doctor at the company told me that derivative is from beef. You can call the toll free number and find out more but it gives info on the link I provided. I would have asked more questions, but I had a sudden coughing fit while on the phone and couldn't speak, had to hang up. I hate when that happens! :') I just know that the women working in my naturopath's office said it works fast and works good. I wish I could use it myself. Darn bleeding disorder is such an obstacle.


That's interesting, so many articles and books I've read on Fibro, tell you to stay away from beef, even grass fed! I'm confused!

Well, if you believe all beef is bad for fibro then you better call each company that makes your supplements and medications because a lot of capsules and coatings are derived from beef/bovine.

You are probably reading about beef being bad because having beef in your diet usually means you are buying and eating gmo corn fed beef that are given hormones and steroids. That's what makes it confusing.

For instance, It is known that many fish oils have mercury in them. You have to research each product extensively and then make a decision for yourself. Our food supply is polluted and modified for the purpose of monetary gain. It's all about choices for us, as consumers. Would you choose a prescription drug with many side effects or something that is derived from beef with no known side effects? You end up doing what you feel more comfortable with. It's the world we were born into and got to make the best of it.