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My new paraket looks like this one and she id s joy to watch. I did not know she had clipped wings (cannot fly). Nothing stops her. She climbs everything when I let her out.

No, this is not my work although I have painted a couple of comical ones for my son. I have a parakeet that looks like this. She had clipped wings when we got her. I already had two. I let them fly around a spare room. The one with the clipped wings surprised me with her tenacity and determination. I put a small cage near the bed (that is near a window) and she would climb up, walk across the bed and look out the window. One day a robin came to the window to chat with her. That was funny to watch.

My friend has morning doves visit her deck hand they are pretty. My son talked me into getting two. When his lap top was working he would stay in the room with them and sing to radio songs. But his recent fascination with xbox drew him away. One is very vocal and seems to enjoy having conversations with me. She has a lot to say for a little creature. I let them listen to parakeets on you tube with my son's ipad

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