Dropping things

Anyone have days they feel super clutzy and drop everything ???

Every day of my life! Yes, it’s kind of a family joke…don’t let mom carry that, she’ll drop it!
It only really upsets me if it’s food or drink or if I break something like a light bulb, that happened earlier this week. Such a pain to clean up! Usually a few colorful adjectives come flying out of my mouth if something goes flying out of my hands. LOL
I had to get an ultra tough case for my phone and iPad (just in case)

I have those days quite often too! Friends know that if I am on the phone with them and they hear a loud noise that I have dropped the phone again...lol. Most of my friends and family joke with me about it too. Sometimes joking about it is easier to deal with it.

Yes. Not sure if it's the meds or fibro but some days I drop things over and over again. And sometimes find it hard to pick them back up. And lately I've managed to knock my soda can over time after time. But at least these symptoms don't hurt! Just the picking them up does, lol.

Hi tiffy! I win the prize here, I dropped me recently, and have the knots to prove it! Sometimes I fall over my own feet! So don't feel bad!

Hope you are well!

Hi tiff - I thought I was the ONLY one who was so clumsy and tripping over everything! Just yesterday I was walking down the hall to my apartment, minding my own business and I just simply tripped over my two feet and almost went down. I always drop things too. I used to be able to really micromanage?? Not now! I do everything one step at a time.. I can get really clutzy if I have had a bad day or I am really tired and angry! LOL Hmmmm - here it is a little after midnight and i am still typing away on my keyboard and feeling pain at the same time. I won't be going to bed too soon. Laurie

I'm with you on this one Petunia, I can drop something and then when I try to pick it up it's like I've forgotten how, I can't seem to get a grip on things! Sometimes it'll take me quite a few attempts. There go my dreams of being a brain surgeon!! ;)

Hi Berrygus - I noticed that you mentioned that you have trouble picking things up off the floor? My son went to Walmart and got me one of those steel sticks with a grabber on the bottom ( rubber). Also you can fold it after you use it. It's so hard for me to bend down now - so I am happy I have something to help me out!!Laurie

Oh darn, no brain surgery jobs for either of us!

I don't get why it's hard to pick things up at times. Maybe we're a bit stoned from the drugs but not realizing it? Beats me. Very frustrating when it happens but as I said, at least it's not painful.

Yes, Laurie, it does seem like being tired or in bad pain makes the clutziness way worse. And darned, does pain ever make us more forgetful! Yesterday I completely missed one place to deliver meals so had to go back and then gave the wrong bottom of a meal to another person so had to go back and switch it out. Man! Being in pain really s__ks!

Thanks Laurie, I think I'll look for one of those next time I venture out!

Hmmmm...I'm contemplating getting one too. Would sure make things easier, wouldn't it?

Thanks everyone for the replies. I definitely had a flare this week with my neck...completely stiff and spasmed for days...terrible...the back of my neck and down the sides....usually it is 1 side, but this was the whole thing. I usually don't like to take meds, but I took 1/2 of my first muscle relaxer at night and the next day my neck was sooo much better. Just a bit stiff, but not the bad spasms. I think I drop things more when I am in a flare for sure!!!

Hey Pet - don't be too hard in yourself as far as delivering the wrong meal! LOL We all start to forget things as we get older. However, I think our FIbro right now Is really causing it all. Sometimes, I will be talking to someone, and my tongue (like my feet) gets really twisted and I sound like I'm drunk or something. Have you ever had this happen? So embarassing! I consider myself a fairly intelligent person - and to not be able to say even the simplest words is really frustrating. I did have this checked, for safety - and other than the Fibro and a few other ailments - I just have the tendency to get my tongue twisted. Laurie

Yes, Laurie, that's exactly what happens to me too! It's not quite a stutter, more like your words and vowels kind of getting twisted up. I feel like an idiot when this happens! And I agree, you do come across as an intelligent person, and interestingly enough, so do most of the rest of the posters here. That's struck me before, that fibro seems to strike intelligent, industrious women. So I wonder if there is some sort of connection?

And thanks for bringing up the "drunken tongue" phenomena because it's bothered me that i do this, so it's good to know that it is fibro doing the "talking."

Isn't it just so embarrasing? I get my words mixed up or they don't come out the right way and sometimes I just can't seem to find the word. I've never really been a great conversationalist but at least when I used to speak I could get my point across!

I always am dropping things or knocking something over like a glass of milk I just poured. Or I'll bump a body part or get dizzy and bash a shoulder into a door. If there is a way for me to get hurt, it will happen. Especially if I'm tired or dizzy from the pain meds. Check this out. Now you would think only a magician could pull this off........ I had poured some cereal in a bowl for breakfast and placed my spoon in it as I carried it over to where my computer is. I sit it on the desk. In a few seconds I manage to slam my wrist down on the spoon so it comes out of the bowl, does a loop in the air, and lands right on my cell phone (which shouldn't be exposed to liquids, of course. I quickly grab for my phone to get the spoon off it and then dry it but as I pulled it toward me, I bump the TV remote. It flies off the desk, does a loop and ends up in the trash can. Ta da !!!..........

Lol, I am constantly dropping things, keys, purse, etc. It's like my grasp just opens and stuff falls out.

I know! The words that sometimes come out of my mouth! I swear, sometimes I fear I have early Alzheimer's. This is NOT a pleasant symptom, is it?

I'm glad you've got something to help you out, Tiffy. Neck spasms are hideously painful. I don't know how you functioned through last week but I'm glad there's at least an answer to treating this pain. One down, 70 to go.