Dress Syndrome - Drug reaction / Allergy to medications

Dress Syndrome - Drug reaction with Eosinophilia & Systemic symptoms

(Allergy to any medication)

DRESS syndrome stands for drug rash (or reaction) with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms. Also known as drug hypersensitivity syndrome, it refers to a condition noted by hypersensitivity to certain medications. This condition is often severe, and it can result in death if not diagnosed early.

A patient who is experiencing DRESS syndrome may first notice a fever one to eight weeks after beginning a new drug regime. Drug exposure may be prolonged or brief, and the progression of the syndrome will vary from patient to patient. After the fever, many patients experience a widespread skin eruption that may be long lasting, and which may progress to exfoliative dermatitis. Organ damage may soon follow. Symptoms involving the internal organs can include hepatitis, nephritis, myocarditis, or pneumonitis, which can be life threatening.

Any patient who has begun taking, or has taken, a new medication and experiences prolonged fever and skin rashes should contact a medical professional immediately. Blood tests to rule out DRESS syndrome should be done as soon as possible. It is important for a patient to receive treatment while the illness is still in its early stages.


"Also a slide show about Dress Syndrome"

Sounds EXTREMELY nasty! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Tez, and I hope you don't know of it due to your own experiences. At least I know to look out for this now that you've brought it up.

Hope you're doing ok!!!



Good find here, Terri! I am allergic to many meds, and when my seasonal allergies are bothering me is when I seem to be even more sensitive to any of them, hope it never goes this far!

Hope your health is holding my friend! Always good to hear from you!



Hello Petunia,

I saw this when i was looking up about Ataxia and seeing so many members with Allergies to different meds on the site i thought bring this foward, as none of we ever know if this is another issue we're carrying.

Well Petunia i'm not coughing like i did but it's left my lungs in constant pain but slightest fumes etc and it kicks me off.

Thank you for asking and i hope your health also is'nt to bad.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Susan,

It was a good find and the neuro or rheumo can get ready as i still say to this day after being wrongly diagnosed years back there's hidden issues they're holding back...because i carry symptoms of Ataxia and i keep blaming my todds-paralasis from my epilepsy and muscle atrophy and i came across issues with Ataxia where epileptic meds which i've took in the past and what i'm taking now cause it, so i want testing.

Susan if your like that with allergies i'd ask about it, i've looked up what tests are done but nothing comes for it but i found this link you may find even better than above.


I'm holding up getting more short temper because i can't cry to release pressure with my depression my heads on a fuse and ste said all he can see now in my eyes is hatred and he gets it in the neck regular.

I hope your doing ok mate also?

Love Terri xxx

Oh honey I know that intractable pain can make you hateful! I have told this to my Internist and my Rheumatologist! Sometimes I just get like a B#%ch, and it's always the pain factor, if not extreme stress. After a while you feel like you have totally lost your personality!

The last time I saw my Rheumatologist I was telling him about how frustrated I get sometimes, that I actually go outside and scream my heart out, told him I scare all the livestock for miles, he came right back at me and said "Ah Susan, they're used to you by now"! HA!! That just made me love him all the more, besides all of his other winning qualities, a get a Dr with a sardonic sense of humor! Love it!

We both have our houses torn up, so that is a factor in the senerio, just think of the finished product, and how nice it will be in the end. It is the only way to get through it. If these contractors don't soon get back here, I'm gonna go after them! See we had not planned on having to do the other bedroom and closet, so they had other things scheduled. Hope they soon get here and get it over with!

Oh my, your head must just spin with all you keep up with! I hope they can soon put their finger on any underlying problems and deal with them straight on. Seems like there is always something still there, doesn't it?

Too bad you're so far away, I'd come rattle your chain woman, either drag you out for tea and crumpets, or shooters and shots! ha! I know neither one of us can drink on these meds, but couldn't you just see us out 'clubbing' like the old days? Get your high heels on, woman!

Just putting on a pair of high heels would have us on backboards, with neck braces! ha!

Great post Terri!

I can relate to all the symptoms except an elevated Eosinophil count. I always have other elevated results, but never Eos. Hmmm, thanks for sharing this, it's something to look into!

Hugs Girl!

I have many allergies to food and medications i just had one to topomax i took myself off of it.My doctor doesnt care cant even get a hold of her i hate doctors.i could be dead and they wouldnt care sherri

Allergy season is the worst! I spent 5 months trying to figure out why i had rash all over body. Nothing helped. Finally tea tree oil took the itch away, but it dawned on me that it may be the wellbutrin i was on. Quit taking it and rash went away! Dermatologist said it was the dye on my allergy med - too bad, no dye!

Thank you! This is an extraordinarily helpul site! These are but a few of the reactions I have had:

Levaquin - rare severe achilles tendonitis

Sulfa - skin turns yellow

Spiriva - hives

Yup, there's more. This is a good reminder to read the fine print in those pharmacist handouts. If you don't receive a handout, look online for the monograph on the drug you are taking!