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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Supplement Trial

Anyone been accepted or been on his trial supplement. I saw the results and they were good. I have now been accepted into the second round of trials. Awaiting for supplement to arrive.

Hi @Justexisting! Whenever I hear questions about supplements, I am immediately a bit suspicious. When I hear a doctor’s name connected, I think shyster. So I did a bit of looking. He seems like a Dr. Oz. A real doctor, but is making money off of his supplements, that can’t be proven to work. He writes books touting his supplement line.

I want to see research, not a book. Published research needs to meet certain standards. Publishing a book does not have these same standards. So I have two concerns here. First off, could these supplements harm you? And how much are you spending on something that is unproven

Here at Ben’s Friends, we focus on proven research and treatments. The appropriate doctor for you to see would be a rheumatologist for fibromyalgia. You mention trials. Have you seen the trial design? Is this controlled, double blind?

There are far too many questions about this, and I would encourage you to talk to your doctor about participating in this.

Sharon from ModSupport

The supplement cost me nothing. He is an expert on fibromyalgia. I had a phone consult with him in 2014, very thorough and he helped me a lot. Even gave me a discount as I was lower income. He has spent his life trying to figure out fibrofibromyalgia. I am estatic to try this trial!

I first saw him on the Dr. OZ TV program and contacted his office.

As my colleagues Sharon and Merl have ably pointed out, at Ben’s Friends we focus on “Evidence-based medicine”. We also know that supplements and self-care strategies can all contribute to “feeling better”, which is why we have a special section of the site called “Complementary Therapies”. This thread will be moved there.

Whenever you take a supplement (or any employ any other self-care strategy) be sure to inform all of your doctors as well as your pharmacist that you are doing so. Supplements, although available without a prescription, can have interactions with prescription medications that you are taking.

Seenie from ModSupprot

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