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Dr. In Colorado Springs?


Can anyone recommend a good doctor for treating fibro, in Colorado Springs? I have only been seeing my general practitioner, and think it is time to “spread out” to a possible specialist.

Thank you!


I have found that GP's know very little about FMS. In fact, my GP first thought I was a drug seeker, very common here in MO, then when he figured it out, he prescribed me a whole plethora of meds, one being 60mg Cymbalta that nearly killed m when I had serotonin syndrome. I would suggest checking around at local pain management or brain/spine type people and asking if there is anyone on staff who knows or specializes in FMS. I also went to an orthopedist who was certified in pain management, but his plan for me has been about the same for 3 years and I am found another PM doctor who I am having a consultation with in a couple of weeks. Also, google for FMS people in your area. I am from a very small town, so I would hope in CO you would have more options. Best of luck to you - it is most difficult to find a good doctor and one that you can trust.

Deborah - MO


My daughter went to several specialists along her journey. What worked for her was Zeal for Life wellness and a couple of essential oils.


I know I talk about him like a god or something. He's not in the Springs, but Wheatridge. That's a bit of a haul but maybe you can get a phone consult from him on someone in the Springs. Dr. Phillip Engen in Wheatridge, he's not a Fibro doc he's a pain specialist . However he works with fibro , he's also pretty amazing with it. I've seen him for the last year. It took that long to convince my G.P to give me a referral or he would have seen me sooner. He's cared for my family for years. He's also very good about returning calls and phone consults. I hope that's a good stepping stone. If you don't mind the trip seeing him in person would be possible. He takes new patients. He also takes about every insurance under the sun including Medicare and Medicaid. Now as his apparent personal sponsor I'm out.

Be bless Honey. there is help you just have to fight for it sometimes.


Curious if you ever found a doctor in CO Springs. My GP in the Springs just says "bummer to be you", it is going to be a long tough road. (Thanks, doc! ) I went to RA Associates and they were great for the diagnosis, but they don't do any treatment or follow up.


I never did find one in the Springs, I've since moved to Savannah Ga. Your R.A. should have referred you on to the next step. If they forgot to or just plain ignore it push them. You can call asking for a referral. I'm starting all over here in Georgia, I've found you have to get proactive about your medical care. It's not the days of the sweet family Doctor, I miss him. At any rate now it's a battle mixed with a game. You have to figure out how to work your insurance to help you. Go one step at a time. I would suggest starting with finding a team of doctors. If you have a G.P. you can work from there. Make an appointment. Tell the person that schedules you will need extra time you are working on a treatment plan. Then you pin him down. Make him refer you to a pain treatment center. Not a drug treatment. Whole body pain treatment. They work on the principle of medication in connect with massage and physical therapy. If he won't do that see if you can get a referral to a physical or occupational therapist. Once you do they can get you moved forward to what you need.

Now lastly and this will sound about as boring as watch dirt grow but request a copy of your insurance policy. Then comes the fun part go through it. Read it, if you can't understand it have someone from H.R. explain it. If you aren't working go over it with your agent. If you are on any government program you have an automatic case worker. It's easy to find out who they are by contacting the main social service office. Knowing exactly how you are covered let's you know how hard and far you can push for in you treatment. If all else fails you have every right to fire your G.P. and find one that works

I'm really sorry Hon I wish had a name for you. I've been here in Georgia for four months it took me two to find a G.P trusted. Hang on , keep fighting this thing. Let me know what you do.