Dos and don'ts of fibro (from my experiences)

Hey guys, this is just a list of dos and don’ts from my experiences of fibro. Hopefully I can help some people out (although most of you probably know all this) and hope that you guys can add to this so we can help each other!

Dont: push yourself, hold your pee, fluctuate your schedules, forget your medication, forget about all the support from this community!

Do: give yourself time to relax and recover, keep a bunch of vitamins (like cranberry, b12, melatonin), try and keep a schedule, have a comfy safety pack (like small things that you may need, extra pills, change of comfortable clothes, comfort item, maybe a fluffy blanket), remember the support you have here with us <3


Like these. I would add find something you like to do and when feeling bad do that. I am talking some type of hobby that is relaxing. When you know you have a busy day scheduled make sure to schedule a relaxing day for the next. Be kind to yourself

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Thanks Ruth great advise I am going to start making miniture dollhouse rooms!

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wonderful, it is amazing when you get doing something you enjoy how that helps.

All great advice!!!:sparkling_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

That is a very strange coincidence ! I always wanted to do that when I was a kid , and I saw some kids on eBay and got them . Of course I haven’t bought in them but you have inspired me to get busy it’s great to find a new hobby. I do needlepoint but I am always been fascinated with miniature furniture let me know how you do and I will let you know how I do Merry Christmas

I would add: get a theme song that motivates you. When I am having the worst of days I find it helps me to hum or sing or listen to my favorite inspirational music.

This was so helpful I thank you so much