Does having a cold make fibro pain worse?

Hello, all!

I have the sniffles, stopped up ear, and horrible wheezing cough. On top of that, the fibro pain seems worse. Is it normal for this to happen? I just wanna curl up with a blanket and sleep. Thanks!

Susan, I think that any pain feels worse when you're sick. With colds, you tend to feel "achy" and when all of the stuff that now feels achy was already painful, it's no wonder you feel worse.

Hope you can rest today, eat chicken soup, Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help the aches and pains and feel better.


I agree with redwingfan I have found any extra illness makes me feel 100 times worse than it ever used to.
Feel better soon.

Thanks to both of you! I have eaten chicken noodle soup and drank plenty of water today. I am practically floating. I feel a little better now that the fever has went down.

Hi Susan = I agree with all the others that have answered your post. With all we have to contend with, ANY kind of illnesses will make us feel worse. Fibro, as you know, creates an abnormal sensitivity to pain and aches.. So getting a cold on top of this certainly doesn't make you feel any better. We fibros feel pain much more than people who don't have it. The sad thing about this is, it's never ending. Take care of yourself - as I think you know that a bad flue is going around. My son is sick right now with it. As you said, curl up in your blanket and sleep!!! Love, Laurie

Hi Susan,

:You bet, everything makes it worse! Cold, flu, any bump or bang, ramps it up! Hope you can get some relief, hope you can just go curl up!

Get better very soon! Lots of TLC!

Love and hug,