Does anyones skin crawl or itch from being in water or pool

I have this weird thing . Whenever I go into the pool, and then get out my skin crawls and or itches. Granted I experience this all over at different points in time , but it is consistent with the pool. after getting out and drying off for up to an hour afterwards the crawling feeling continues. The water at times has been colder , regular pool temperature too but it still happens


Hi fibro mommy, I have a similar reaction to pools and find I have to shower with body wash with lotion or if really strong smell with zest soap and put on lotion as soon as I can. I think the reaction is to chemicals in te pool. I find this when I shower, sometimes at home, but always when I shower when I’m away from home (different water with different natural chemicals). People with fibro are often more sensitive to chemicals, medications, scents etc. I know that’s showering right away isn’t always practical but it does make a difference to me.

Hope you find a way to resolve this issue so you can get more enjoyment out of the summer.

Hi fibromommy,

Think it may be a sensitivity to the chlorine? It was my first thought, you know we all become so ultra sensitive that the least little thing can be enormous to us! I know the water is good for you, but maybe not the chlorine?

It's worth asking your Doctor about, or perhaps one of the instructors or lifeguards!

Hope you get this figured out!



Hello fibromommy

I have always experienced this itching whenever I have been in a pool over my lifetime. I have said it must be from the chlorine, but someone said to me Well, surely you must shower after being in the pool. Yes I do. Well how can it be due to the chlorine. Well I don't have any answers except to say that I always have this itching problem. If I were to go in the pool for several days in a row I would get a red rash on my skin. My skin would always feel dry and itchy so I have never enjoyed being in a pool.

Some people have recommended doing pool exercises now to help with fibro and arthritis, but I am not wanting to at all. Besides I always find the pool temperature to be cold! If I could just go into the hot tub that might not be so bad. Truthfully I much prefer to have a hot shower at home. That does help with the pain.

Gentle hugs


thanks everyone I tried to google this topic but there was nothing on it.

SO I figured it was just me. I know it doesn't happen after the shower for me - maybe it is the chlorine

I will have to see if I ever get to go into a hot tub if I have the same feeling

Here are several articles that I found for you, hope this helps!

thanks I think i put in fibromyalgia sensations pool and swimming I didnt add the chlorine term I guess there is a lot out there

Hey fibromommy,
Yes I have the exact same thing happen to me. Even in hot tubs. Just the other day I was staying at a hotel and after about 10 minutes in the hot tub my skin felt as if it were tingling and crawling. I am not sure what causes this exactly or if it is just a fibro thing. I was wondering based on the sensation if it had to do with temperature changes and over active nerves. That would explain the tingling a little more to me I think but I’m not sure. Hope it passes for you!

you know I can't help but think I would have the same thing in the hot tub- now do you get that feeling after a shower ?

I don't get it after a shower. But after the pool and definitely don't know about a hot tub

the only other thing I can think of if its not about temperature change and nerves is maybe both hot tubs and

pools have a similar component used to keep them clean and sanitary

so does a salt water pool use chlorine? or no?


Thank you for your reply kholmes for your response and the reason behind it. It makes sense.

Gentle hugs


Today not even thinking about it I got in just up to my knees but then I got near the little thing in the pool that has the massagers or makes the bubbles come out. Within minutes I felt only the part of my body in the water get that skin crawling feeling again.
SInce hot tubs also have that jet/bubble thing I wonder if the jets are setting our nervous system off and not the chemicals

just a thought- but obviously it could still be the chemicals salt chrlorine

just something to think about .

We have lived at our current house 6 years and only the last two years has this happened when I got in the pool. So its somehow related to the fibro I just cant figure it out

thanks everyone

I get this problem but after I take a shower. My skin feels like is on fire or like I have chile habanero all over but mostly on my face, neck and scalp. Is a horrible feeling. Plus as soon as I am done taking a shower my rash gets worse, I have tried different hygiene products and nothing works. It does not matter if I take a shower in my home or at my mom’s house so is not the water . My dermatologist told my I have skin lupus?! I take meds and use some cream for my skin but does not help much. If any one knows about any lotions, soaps, body wash, and shampoo that helps to prevent or calm the itch or rash I will appreciated.

I am to a dr but I would think a product cream with steroids in it. Also possibly hydrocortisone available over the counter.
I saw something called tricalm on tv this week too