Does anyone have recommendations for drs close to Mesa,Az. I don't have insurance... have applied for SSD

I do not have insurance and live on a limited income. Does anyone have suggestions for drs close to Mesa ,AZ. I saw SS drs last week, hoping for the best... but still a long wait for approval and insurance. Any help as to where to go is appreciated. Just moved here a year ago, Also about how long after you see SS drs before you get a decision? Thahks.

Thank you, will definitely look her up!


Hi, I see doctor Sheetal K Chhaya she is a rheumatologist and she is one of the best doctors I ever had. She has an office somewhere in Dobson in Mesa and her other office is in Phoenix . Unfortunately I have to drive from Apache Junction to Phoenix to see her because her office in Mesa don’t accept ahcccs but is very well worth the drive. I see her for lupus and fibromyalgia. I like the fact that she explores all the avenues before she puts you in a lots of meds. The other rheumatologist I used to see is Fairfax he is also in Mesa but I personally prefer doctor Chhaya.