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Does anyone have constant headaches?

I have headaches pretty often. My doc says they are a side effect of my last neck surgery. (I believe they are also connected to my bruxism.) When I was in the hospital, after the surgery, I had the worst headache of my entire life. I moaned and moaned and wished they would just knock me out!!! A group of doctors kept giving me different meds, to see which one would work. (The Valium knocked me out so badly that the nurse thought I had died!) FINALLY, after 2 days of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, the Fioricet was the med that stopped the headache, and I was able to rest. Now, I have an ongoing prescription for Fioricet, to take when needed.

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I am prescribed Fioricet for my daily headaches. A lot of mine are caused by my Epstein Barr virus.

I’m so sorry for your pain, GBear! I’m glad they were able to find something that helps you! :purple_heart: