Does anyone have an idea why speech problems may be connected to Fibro?

Hi everyone - the response I have gotten about speech problems has really been amazing! Would anyone happen to know why this happens. I am wondering if fatigue plays a part in this. I am not the best when I wake up after a bad night's sleep. I also find that when I get on the computer, it takes me a while to type the proper words. Sometimes I have to just get up and do something else for a little while. My eyesight too is affected when I don't have enough sleep or I am in really bad pain. Any ideas?? Love, Laurie

Hi Laurie, I don't know what causes it, but have a theory. Fibro affects our nerves, which are everywhere including our brain. I think the nerves short circut or something, causing memory and speech problems. I know it's frustrating, my husband laughs when I use the wrong word or get them backwards. We have to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Maybe someone else knows something? I'd also say lack of sleep also affects our speech and memory, and definitely pain! Good luck Laurie, hugs, Charlie.