Does anyone else have issues wearing necklaces?

Yesterday I wore a necklace to church. Only the clasp was metal the rest of the necklace was made out of a rope type material. Today the back of my neck and back burn like its sunburned. I feel stupid putting aloe or benadryl on it but the burning is driving my crazy.



I wear native American jewerly without any metal and it works well for me any kind of mental breaks me out hemp jewerly is also very good.

I don't have this problem. But I have a problem wearing a magnetic necklace because it somehow gets my hair caught in it so it feels like it pinches.

I don't see why you should feel stupid applying something to alleviate the burning sensation.

Because fibromyalgia is a syndrome with many symptoms I think we feel foolish about something new. I think we just treat it as it happens. It does seem strange that this never bothered you before. Were you wearing a new sweater? All my life I have had problems with wearing new clothing as it would cause a chaffing red mark. That's why I wondered if that could be the cause of the burning sensation.

Just treat it and don't wear the necklace until your neck is completely healed. Then you may want to try wearing the necklace again for a short time to see if the same problem occurs again. Or, you might just decide that to not wear the necklace again.

I wear one simple chain sterling silver and it’s best for me. If I wear anything else I feel choked and if it’s plated I burn also. But visually I can not see anything. Don’t ever feel stupid for trying something to help relieve the pain you have. I hope you’re feeling better now.

Anything scratchy like a necklace or tags to my clothing will cause me to get that red rash and it drives me crazy! Glad more clothing manufacturer are going tag less, as sometimes cutting them off makes it worse! I make sure the clasp on any necklace isn't centered on my neck for that reason. I've noticed in the past few years my skin gets irritated by the slightest things; bandaids, metal, scratchy things, shaving, or even seams on cloths. Guess we become hypersensitive to many things with this condition.

Thank you, I got some Eucerin calming cream and that seemed to help. I am also having issues wearing earrings. My right ear swells up and itches. So I have stopped wearing earrings as well. So much for looking cute. haha

Thanks purplebutterfly, I will try the hemp instead of metal and see if that helps. My daughter is into making jewelry so maybe I can get her to make me something.

Thanks again.


Thanks Rachel,

I applied Eucerin Calming cream and that helped. It was just weird because while the area felt like a sunburn it wasn't red. The itching has probably occurred other times when wearing necklaces I just never paid attention and now that I'm on anti-anxiety medicine I'm noticing more of the symptoms that I used to ignore. I also have an issue with my hear getting caught in some of my necklace clamps. (once again, its hard to be cute.haha)

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Thanks Joy, the clasp probably was plated. My back and neck also showed no visible signs of anything but it was itching and burning. Thankfully the Eurcerin cream helped. Now I'm applying it to my whole body, better safe than sorry. haha

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Thanks Sandi,

Yeah, everything I wear these days seem to make me itch or be in pain if the sleeves or waist is a slight bit to snug.



hi stacey. nothing to feel stupid about at all. if your skin becomes sensitive to any thing at all i think the aloe is very good and as well as the other things that were suggested.. i used to love wearing ear rings but they bother me.. HUGGGGS

I have a life-long metal allergy. No wedding rings, no earrings, no jean snaps, no bra clasps-if it is metal and touches my skin, I will have an ugly rash, bumps, swelling and possibly scratch so much I end up bleeding. No kind of metal, no amount of any “cure” remedies the allergy.

Some jewelry bothers me, anything with sharp edges. My skin is super sensitive to just about everything. Bras drive me crazy, the button on my jeans, the seam in my socks...

I have to cut tags out of my shirts. They itch and drive me crazy!

Lovett, that is a great idea! I will try that.