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Does Anyone Deal with Damged Body from Hip Replacement

I do and it will be 10 yrs soon.

Numb thigh.
Shorter Leg
Damaged Knee
Damaged Ankle/Foot

This is from the Anterior Approach replacement.

Before Covid-19 hit, I was told I needed a hip replacement, but have been waiting to pursue. Do you think the method of surgery is the source of the symptoms you have? I was considering the anterior method would have a shorter recovery than the posterior method - but having Fibro, I don’t need more pain and problems to deal with.

Hi, Sunshine51!
My mother broke her hip & had a replacement when she was in her 70’s. I remember that it took her a good 2 years to fully recover, but the surgery was a success. I wish you the very best in your decision about the procedure.

Thank you for sharing!