Doctor's Appointment Question

Ok, this might seem silly but I am really interested in your feedback. When you go to a doctor's appointment and the doctor comes in and does the usual "how are you?" question (the automatic greeting, not the one where he/she says "tell me what's been going on") how do you answer? Do you automatically answer "fine" or do you start listing all the issues going on? I am curious as to how you all approach that. Thanks for your input. I hope everyone is having a low pain day!

I tell my dr all my issues.I'm not going to lie and say im fine when i'm not.

Well, when they walk in the door & automatically ask the question “How are you?” My automatic response is “Well, I don’t know, that’s why I’m here.” Seriously. Then we get into the real reasons that I am there for. Always works for me!
HUGS from Deb


I am usually very blunt and to the point. Sometimes I don't even answer that question with a typical answer. I answer the "How are you?" Question with, "I have some things I would like to discuss with you today". I have to lie every, single day to strangers and people at work when they ask, "How are you?" I'm not going to tell a stranger that "I'm miserable" or "I'm so-so"; I reply with, "Fine. How are you?" *Smile*. I feel my doctors are the people I can be completely honest with and I need to not mask it with a typical, knee jerk response of "Fine. How are you?". I also usually make a list before I go to the doctor to make sure I don't forget anything I want to talk about. I wouldn't be at the doctor's office if I was fine.



I have started to answer with a “Meh, not so good. Exhausted and in pain.” That way by the time he sits down he has wrapped his head around my poor outcomes and has started to plan. Also, as a nurse’ I usually ask my patients those same question in the introduction. I prefer the straight answer, (pain/nausea), so that I can look up their history, check allergies, and start to wrap my head around what I can do. I want to help my patients as fast and straightforward as possible.

That’s my 2 cents. Heather


I tell the truth from the git go. I will say not so good or its been a little better this month. She wants to know the truth. And when my husband is with me because I can't even drive myself, she knows it's really bad and she will say to him, how is she doing this month and a few months ago, the first time he had to take me, he said this the worst month she's had since diagnosed. Fortunately he has only had to take me twice so she knows if he is there it is serious.

yeah i dont say 'fine' or 'ok' since its not true. i might say "i could be better' and then they say "whats going on"?

or i say " not so good , thats why i am here"



I love my doc he treats both me and my daughter for fibro, when he ask i go straight into whats hurting, the type of pain, my exhastion, blah blah blah, he doesn’t have time for formality. That is the one time when someone asks how are ,they really need to know


Hi, Auburnm. You have my curiosity peaked…

I always let them know exactly how I am doing when they ask. I feel vulnerable at the doctor’s office and so, I can’t help, but spill the truth.