Doctors and prescriptions

I'm afraid my love for the medical profession has gone down hill fast. I told my doctor if I wasn't a diabetic you would never see me in the clinic.And I would have to be dead or half dead before I would rely on doctors to help me. When a person is in dire pain day in and day out, they need to rethink their attitude about drug addicts and people who need pain meds just to live comfortly.Many times now I have not gone to a doctor , being very sick. But what was on my mind is they won't treat you any way. So tell me, why should I bother getting dressed and waiting in a germ filled clinic to see a doctor who won't give me what I need to live the rest of my life in comfort.I am of the mind that there are very few addicts treated by doctors. The ones doing the damage is the people who get pain meds to sell on the street at $50.00 a pill.I know becuse I knew of someone who asked people if they had any pain meds they didn't use ,and if they could have them.I agree doctors are being forced into this not prescribing pain meds or lose their practice. I call that blackmail. This is their livelyhood and how dare them telling doctors how to run a practice.they have sworn an oath to do no harm. No caring doctor would knowing cause you to become a drug addict.We need to join forces and have a speaker for the people and the doctors to change the laws so we can seperate the drug addicts and people who abuse the system for monitary gain, to the people who realy need the meds.


Hi Shirley,

We have been talking about this very thing the past couple of days, and I believe they are re-thinking these actions. Renie just posted this, and it is a bit of hope for everyone!

I don't know if you are in a position to change Doctors, but it sounds as though you are pretty fed up! I am fortunate that I had my current husband and wife team of Doctors for my General Practioners before all of this hit me, so caring for me and prescribing me pain meds has not yet been a problem. Yes, I do know how fortunate I am!

I'm so very sorry that you feel as though your options are so limited, and I hope there is a way that can change for you.

I just had to check your profile to see where you are. I hear from so many people in rural Canada who have no options to change Drs, and I gather this may be your situation.

Do they realize how demeaning it is for us to be called or insinuated drug addicts because we are seeking relief? It's unforgivable that we cannot be taken care of and treated with the medicine and the respect that we deserve. Have you asked this Dr how they would feel if their wife, or mother, or sister was in this much pain and treated this way , how they would feel?

I understand how you must feel and I think it's time you tell them! Doesn't sound like you have too much to lose!

Sending you a hug,



THANKS for your reply. Your news is something to look forward to. But alas I am Guessing your American. So if a law is passed for your country it will be a wait for the Canadians to act over this drug thing.


Yes, I am an American, but things have really tightened up here, that said more states are making marijuana legal, but I don't want that, don't care for the way it makes me feel. Things are getting upside down in this world, for sure!

What about seeing a pain specialist, is that an option for you?

Sorry you have been having this problem.

I am in the U.K. and although I have not come across this problem I have had some problems with G.P. cutting pain meds and changing it to something else even though originally prescribed by Rheumatologist. Personally I think this is due to cost of medication as G.P. has prescribed stronger pain pain relief ( mild opiate) which I do not find helpful at all. reason given hat first anagesia could cause problems with heart and kidneys but no tests done to see if I had any problems.

If I was you I would confront doc and if not satisfied would change doctor.


marijuana is not a drug of choice for me. Have tried it and can't see what people see in it. It doesn't do a thing for me. That said waiting for our government to leagalize it is another thing all together.I envy anyone who has a good understanding doctor.Hang on to them you may never find another.



Have changed doctors ,same thing. They won't prescribe pain meds. Have confronted the doctoe same answer , NO. So ,I'll stick to what I have and learn to handle the pain best as I can.


That's awful no-one should have to suffer like that.

Thinking of you