Doc had me try viibryd

I've had so many bad experiences with medicine that it's just unreal. He wants me to try Viibryd, oh it's a new anti-depressant for major depression. Just try it he says and see if ur insurance will pay for it b/c its very new.

I've decided i'm not going to try it. this would make the 14th medicine he's tried me on and i think i am done now. i have lived with the pain this long, i'll continue to live with it. I have no other choice, except he says if it doesn't work he can send me to a psychologist who can prescribe anti-depressants that he doesn't/isn't allowed to prescribe me. Nope sorry don't feel like doing that either b/c apparently-no obviously- i am very sensitive to medicine.

has any body else been this sensitive to medicines like this before? I know that my dad is very sensitive to certain meds, but the doc told me that its caused from the fibro...guess i'm just looking to see if any body out there has had this same problem.

I haven't taken a lot of meds but the few I have taken haven't worked. Lyrica did nothing for me. After they increased it, it made me nauseated. They then put me on Mobic because I have problems with inflammation and I had an allergic reaction to that. I then tried Neurontin and Tramadol. I had an allergic reaction to Neurontin. The Tramadol I'm tolerating but it's doing nothing for my pain.

No cookies_mama, I have not experienced this sensitivity to so many meds as you have. I'm sorry for this happening to you. However, some meds have just not worked for me like others have. I have had to endure the side effects which were nasty so I stopped taking them. I must say that I never experienced real problems with stopping these medicines as some people have. We are all different and that applies to fibro as well. Nuerontin was the med that really gave me side effects.

Gentle hugs


thanks for the reply. they won't give me anything like tramadol, b/c pain meds don't help with fibro pain...and i agree with that. but i have nothing, so i'm constantly dealing with this all of us with nothing.

thank you rachel! guess the fibro takes over every single thing...even taking meds! doctor said i'm just so sensitive in every way.

Hi cookies-mom and welcome. I'm glad to see your message. it's a different topic than usual, so it's good to bring it up and see what happens.

I'm not sensitive to any meds but most of the meds didn't work on me at all. they did nothing. only Lyrica and Gabapentin worked, but Gabapentin gave me terrible headaches. Oh, and rather ironically, Advil also helps some with the leftover pain. i can only take it once in a great while thanks to a stomach ulcer in my past from using advil too much.

Since your dad has similar sensitivities to medicines, it would be logical to think that your extra sensitivity may come from your DNA. Tying into this topic, red-heads are known for needing more pain meds than others. Even in dentistry I believe. it is true and you can even google it. Who knows why but it must be down to their Celtic ancestory (in most cases.)

Let's see if anyone else will weigh in with information. I'll be interested to read their responses, if they do respond.



thank you very much for the reply! and yes it turns out that i am extra sensitive to meds...and it seems to everything else as well. I was praying for more responses to this but some are better than none! I've been reading some books on Fibro and Myofascial Pain Syndrome...pretty interesting stuff!

I'm no longer taking the Tramadol, had an allergic reaction to They did finally find something that I'm not allergic to - Hydrocodone. I can't say if it helps with pain or not because it knocks me out. I've only been taking it at night for that reason. But it does help me sleep.

I have allergic reactions in the mouth to meds so I certainly get it . I am leery about taking anything new . I have had too many Er visits with reactions. I have a referral to a Rheumy and I worry what she is going to want to do .