Do pain meds help when you are sick?

I have a low-grade fever, because of a virus that has been running through my house, and all the pains and aches that go along with it. My question is, will my normal pain meds help with this or will it have no effect since it’s caused by the fever?

I am getting over Strep Throat and I have been flaring a little bit more because of it. So, in my opinion, no.

Hello, I have noticed that when I am sick with a cold or other virus that my normal medication doesn't help. Sometimes using the over-the-counter stuff like Sudafed or Mucinex will help with the cold symptoms. I hope you feel better soon! Hugs!!!

I would stick to tylenol or aspirin, motrin something along those lines. Many pain meds due have tylenol in them or other NSAIDS but i still only use otc meds.

Pain meds are tricky, more you use them more your body gets dependant on them or use to that strength with some people so i only use as needed,when pain is going to be out of control and severe...where you cannot function with life without using them.

i hope you are feeling better soon....and it is typical when one gets sick even healthy people to have joints, lymph nodes etc cause moderate to severe pain....but tylenol should help where one is okay.

Good luck and again, hope you are feeling better soon...entire family!