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Do muscle relaxers help fibro?

And, are they considered opiates or addictive? If you use them, could you share your experience as they relate to fibro? Thank you!

My sister also has fibro and uses cyclobenzaprine for muscle spasms. She has had good results. I tried it a coupe of times but it relaxed the sphincter at the top of my stomach. I take a heartburn med every day and the relaxer counter-acted that and I was miserable from the heartburn.

Ouch!! That sounds painful!

I take Robaxin 500mg twice a day when needed
And it helps me greatly. I am able to do housework, cook. Ride my exercise bike for up 30 minutes.
Just be normal… Robaxin doesn’t make me sleepy or feel stupid like the others.
I am told it is not addictive.

Hi , I use cyclobenzaprine . It helps take the edge off the pain , best when coupled with Tylenol. My Rheumtologist said if he gave me a prescription for anything stronger he was virtually writing me a script for opioid addiction. I was put on the medical marijuana program for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It helps with colitis fares too. There are many ways to use it other than smoking . It’s the combo of THC & CBD ( high amounts ) that give the pain killer affect without withdrawals or addiction concerns. I took Cymbalta it was horrible, I felt like I had electricity running in my veins & a zapping feeling in my chest. Everyone’s pain is different and drugs affect each of us differently. I say education and communication with your medical team can help guide you to what options you have. Good luck.

The only answer to your question should come from your doctor once then exact medicine for you is identified. Not all muscle relaxers are created equally.

The next best source, once you have the name of the exact drug you are interested in trying would be your pharmacist.

Friends on this site are not the source for specific drug information and how the drug may apply to you. Best of luck!

I take a muscle relaxer called zanaflex or tizanidine. I have taken it as needed for quite a while and yes, it does help the pain quite a bit. Everyone is different but you could try it. S. Smith in Indiana.

I’m not asking for people’s opinions on how a drug would work for me. I’m asking for their experiences, which I know could be different for me.