Do any of you, since the Fibro, have tremors of the hands or anywhere else?

Hi Everyone - About 7 years ago, I started getting tremors in both hands. I was frightened because I thought it might be Parkinsons Disease. My Mother's Mom developed parkinsons and passed away from it many years go. I went to see a neurologist about it He first took a brain scan - and said I had the healthiest brain he has ever seen! I think he as just letting me know that everything would be okay. After seeing him for a while, he determined that I had 'Essential Tremors'. Ir is nothing life-threateting.
He knows I had Fibro and was under a lot of stress due to the problems I was having with it. Well, since then I always will have essential tremor. It can occur when I have pain or flare - ups. But it kind occur when I am just relaxing,. I don't get nervous when I have pain, because I have been so used it, unfortunately. The tremors can just occur out of the blue. Here''s the humorous side of this. Sometimes when I am out with friends and having lunch or dinner, if my hands start to tremble, I actually 'sit' on my hands - so no one will notice! (Smile) If I am watching tv - somtetimes the hands will tremble. The doctor told me he didn't think it was Fbro related. But he does think because of the stress I have, plus not sleeping well every single night, my body is telling me I am completely worn out. I guess I have to agree with him on this. Jeez!! What ELSE do we have to contend with, with all we have been dealing with!!! I am quite sure (I am not being negative here, just realistic) that more stuff will come up for all of us in the future. (Sigh). Just thought I would share this with you all! Loveand hugs, Laurie