Divorce and fibro

As you know, I am presently going through a divorce. We have been married nearly 17 yrs, Has anyone out there been through a divorce with no children, like me? If so, I am worried about my money situation. I, probably like most of you, am on disability. Needless to say, it is not enough to live on. Right now, I am on my husband's medical insurance. After the divorce, I will have to get on Medicare. Anyone have an idea how much Medicare plus supplements go for monthly? I am so scared. My lawyer is shooting for alimony and half of our assets. My husband says he will not pay me a dime. I live in TN, and the law here IS alimony and halving our assets. Has anyone been through that situation? As we all know, our medical bills are outrageous. Can anyone give me any hope on my situation. By the way, my lawyer says I do have legitimate reasons for a divorce.

I'm sorry, I must have said it incorrectly. My lawyer says I do have legitimate reasons for divorce. He was verbally abusive, I always had to walk on eggshells with him, and he had hit me 2 or 3 times a few years ago. He is the main reason my fibro has gotten so bad. He always had to have a full course meal. One time, I was hurting so bad, and he had the nerve to say, "Well can you stand up long enough to fix me a couple of grilled cheese?". Do you believe this guy. I never even saw how much money he made until about 3 yrs ago. After I left, he said that I ought to be able to live on my own with $1250 a month. ha!! Anyway, I have had to run up $10,000 on my credit cards so far. If I do not get a good settlement, I am done. I will have to live under a rock! He plans to fight me tooth and nail. This stress is killing my body! I could go on and on about him, but it would take too long. I just hope it doesn't take too long to get my divorce over with. I am in desperate need for money!

This forum has helped me so much, as I have no friends anymore. It seems they turned out to be his friends, Even my 35 yr old daughter has not even called me to see how I am. She has been calling him. She would rather talk about me than to me. How can children turn on their parents after all they have done for them? That hurts nearly as much as this cursed fibro. Would you mind me calling you and talking in person? If you do, I understand. I just know this forum has really helped me. I have had a few breakdowns and I am afraid I am headed for another one. I can't thank you enough for your input! By the way, I make $14,000 per yr. He makes around $70,000, Big difference! Thanks!

I can talk, and would rather because I am so scared that I won't come out so good! My lawyer seems pretty confident, but she doesn't seem to have time to speak with me. Anyway, you can call me on my cell phone or if you would rather, I could call you. It would sure be nice to talk to someone.

Hi, I have been through 2 divorces. One was without children and second was with one child. I have read that it is easier to get alimony if you have been in a marriage for longer than 10 years.But I did not learn about it until after my first. If you could demonstrate that you have made sacrifices of your career because of being married it might help. It depends upon the judge. But if you can also demonstrate that the standard of living goes down because of the divorce it helps. On my second I had some lawyers told me that I could not get health insurance, but they were wrong. I got health insurance and dental insurance with my second divorce. My secondary insurance is medicare.There are some laws about the spouse being on disability-

Really, about the insurance? I will have to ask my lawyer. That would be fantastic. I am scared to death about all my meds and medical bills. How will I pay them?

I have been through a divorce with fibro. And yes, after 17 years of being married to your husband you have a right to assets and support. You were right to check as the laws vary per state. My husband has been on medicare for about a year now and has surgery and pace/defib implant and medicare has paid all of it except for a few small items. We all know that change is uncomfortable and adds stress to our situation which in turn exacerbates our condition. If you can find peace where you are and know you don't have to fear anything you can make it through this a lot easier. People that you trust and love is a must to have around you for support and encouragement. Make sure you feel good about your lawyer representing you and let him know what he needs to know to represent you well. I am no expert believe me I just have been through this and it had me so rattled I had terrible IBS for 9 months and intense pain. And if you can get into a church where the folks can love you. Hugs, T

Thanks for your concern. By the way, my lawyer is a woman. yeah! May the angels smile down upon you!