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Due to having fibromyalgia has anyone applied for disability in the U.S.? If so what type of doctor would need to diagnose you? Thanks in advance!


Hi . I am in the United States however I got my diagnosis on a severe case of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome . Fm got added on to that as well. In my opinion the best doctor to give you a diagnosis is one who understands and treats these illnesses and who belives you. It could be a pcp, rheumatologist, neurologist, or an immunologist .the one who diagnosed me 27 years ago was an allergy/ immunologist who was specializing in Cfids and FM. All the best!




Thank you Suzie! I am going to see a nurse practitioner who spealizes in fibromyalgia. Do you think that will work?


Hi Vicky,
I've applied for Fibromyalgia disability and have received it after 2 1/2 years.It was worth the wait but from what I understand a diagnosis from a doctor not a nurse practitioner is the best.I had a rheumatologist diagnose it.If I had to do it all over I'd get a diagnosis from a Dr which I did and an lawyer who specializes in fibromyalgia when I first applied the 1st time.I didn't and wasn't approved.I applied and wasn't approved but finally after an lawyer I got it.Get all your medical records with all your appointments including a fibromyalgia customisation a Dr and take it to a lawyer and do what the lawyer tells you to do if they take the case.The lawyer won't take the case,unless they think th hey can win.If you do win the lawyer will take 25 percent UP to $6,000.That's my opinion but look and see,what the others who also have disability and then make your decision. GOID luck let us know what happens.


I have an appointment set up for may with rheumatologist but could get in earlier the fpn in March mostly due to being in so much pain. But I will take your advice thanks again Suzie


Hi Vicky.,

I really think that anyone in the medical field who has knowledge of and treats these illness is helpful . And one that gets to know you and believes you . Best of luck
Ps . Be patient . It will be a process to get a diagnosis . You will go through some testing and exams which is quite normal