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Disability Woes

So I get the letter fully favorable decision for disability, was waiting for the awards letter telling me when benefits start, how much ect. Instead I get a latter stating they are reviewing the decision before it ever starts …They gave the reason of lack of evidence and explained that it will go to a new judge and I get more doctor evaluations …I’m not sure I can keep doing this . I wake every day in pain , face the next day with the same outlook just like all of you. I have other issues than fibromyalgia and I can’t see how I’m to keep putting one foot in front of the other . I also got a letter from the lawyer - congratulations we won you get disability. I feel like this is the cruelest joke , like I was punched in the stomach as someone pulled the rug from beneath my feet. The depression i deal with is like a long heavy coat I can feel it’s weight to my core. I see a counselor who has been trying to help me accept my limitations both physical and mental . This whole disability process has been so demeaning, it’s hard enough to give up your career, accept your illness, and then need to ask for help so you can financially afford to be sick it’s even harder to be treated with skepticism and doubt. It’s like they expect me to light myself on fire to keep warm . I know that Ive come too far to give up but at the moment all I can feel is despair.

That’s horrible! What a disappointment for you!! What is your lawyer saying with this new information?? Don’t give up!! The majority of people are denied a few times. It’s grueling and demeaning, I know, but worth it!! Soft hugs to you :heart:

I’m so sorry you are having to go through this! Gentle hugs, hang in there.

**thank you ,the support that we give each other here is priceless **

**Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it. **

OMG that is awful and unacceptable!!! I hope your lawyer is swooping in to address this matter… I call major BS here!
I am pending my disability hearing, and it’s a constant source of added stress for me as well… as you so aptly stated, it IS horrifying enough to have to give up a career you love, and then ask for help just to be sick.
The process is inane, arbitrary and maddening. And yet I don’t have any other option.:rage:
I hope and pray that this all gets resolved for you quickly. There must be some oversight committee or advocacy dept; or at the very least, the lawyer who stands to earn from your disability, who can stop this in its tracks?? Doesn’t seem legal that one judge can grant you your medical retirement, ON PAPER, and someone else can just change their mind?? What the heck is the point of the grueling process then??
Ugh. I too have needed therapy sessions just to deal with the fear and frustration of how my health problems have landed me in this place, having to do circus tricks to access the funds I’ve paid into Social Security since age 16.
Best of luck to you… hang in there, friend.

I don’t know how many times I had to deal with denials. I get the feeling of disparity. What in the end was the thing that saved me was my psychiatrist and counselor.
Have you seen a counselor? It really helped me out to just release my frustrations. Also he or she can help find the right psychiatrist for you.
If you have an attorney talk to them about the review. You may not need to be worried.
I know lots of us here understand what you’re feeling. Lots and lots of hugs.

thank you so much for your heartfelt response and empathy, it means a lot. Im Waiting to hear back from the attorney. The ALJ (administrative law judge) makes the decision but it’s reviewable by board of peers . Unfortunately for me it’s being reviewed before benefits ever started . It is BS & agree that if they are able to overturn a decision they should send it to be reviewed BEFORE an award letter goes out. Got prescribed an antidepressant which isn’t ideal but hoping to get some sleep to keep these raw emotions in check. I have no desire to keep going through this , but I’m not left with any other good options. I will keep everyone posted but thanks again for the support. :purple_heart:

*thanks for the gentle reminder not to panic until I hear from the attorney. I love this quote by Mark Twain “ I have been through some terrible things in my life and some of them actually happened. “ reminds me not to be a drama queen . I do see a counselor she doesn’t think I need a psychiatrist but She did talk to my primary care and I was given medication. For me the depression has always been a part of my fibromyalgia, I have severe insomnia which only fuels the depression and chronic fatigue syndrome it’s a vicious cycle. I’m sure most of my peers on this panel can relate. Thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile::purple_heart:

Everyone has been through something similar. Though it’s different for each individual. So you can gleen a little bit from everyone. We’re all here to help hold you up. :kissing_heart:

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Dont get discouraged it takes a few tries to get your disability money. I suffer from fibromyalgia too. I had to hire a lawyer and I have it now my pain is so bad I cant work. I know what your going thru. I’m on a lot of meds I have depression and bipolar disorder too. Dont give up trust me it will happen. I had to see tons of drs fill out paperwork etc it was mind blowing. What do u take for pain? I’m on gabapentin and it works for me. Plus my dr put me on CBD oil which works too. Message me anytime

I am so very sorry for your BS! I HOPE your lawyer is getting to the bottom of this because HE is getting a good piece of your money when it comes through! I also suffer severe fibromyalgia and got disability after being knocked down 3 times!
Meanwhile my husband, who is 11 years older had other serious issues and needed disability also. While waiting for his 3d appeal in the Judges office…I was outside waiting and was speaking to the judge’s secretary. Just general BS and through in some things regarding our family and how hard it’s been, etc. ALL TRUE…and my husband came out of the judge’s room and the secretary went into the room. She came out a few minutes later as we were leaving and called to me…She said…“Off the record…he’s gonna get it…I just talked to the judge and told him a short version of your story and he said he’s gonna put it through…but don’t say that I told you! I want you to have a happy week while you are waiting for the results in the mail!” CRAZY! But, very true. I hope you can get it even tho it is still not a lot to live on, but it helps! Thank GOD! Good Luck! xxx

Hi , thanks for the encouragement. I’m on the medical cannabis program, but I have multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome and most meds cause more adverse side effects than they do benefits. I’m taking up to 12 Tylenol per day. I can’t take NSAID’s due to colitis. The Rheumtologist did give me cyclobenzaprine ,that I can tolerate but gives me terrible gastric reflux - I do hydrotherapy therapy and physical therapy. But thank you for the suggestion on the gabapentin , it’s always nice to consider trying something that works for someone else. :blush:

Hi thanks for your response! & Wow, that is truly an awesome show of human kindness and an encouraging story. I’m so grateful to have uplifting people who can relate to my situation. Thank you :blush:

Been there, done that, and once I had my day in court, the judge basically yelled at me that I was trying to scam the system, I was a fake, and in no way in hell will I get any help. DENIED…

I cannot work anymore, have no money, getting very little help w/social service (only food stamps, some crappy medical (Obama) thing that still leaves me with outrageous balance to pay for that I can’t, and heating assistance.) If my boyfriend didn’t pay my household bills, I would be dead already.

The way my back and leg pain feels, I’m afraid that I’ll be asking Santa for a wheel chair.