Disability, Who Has Some Experience To Share?


I was diagnosed two years ago, although I am pretty sure it all started in 2009. I quit my job in 2011 because the symptoms were so bad. I was a preschool teacher.

I am just wondering, besides money, what other things have been available to you because of disability? I am hoping to be able to go on disability so I can focus on "getting better". Or at the very least learning how to live with this illness. I really don't want to go on disability, but I think it might be an option to look into. The very first qualification for disability is that I would not be able to do the job I did before. Let me tell you, there is no way that I would every be able to be a teacher again.

If only I could convince myself of this!

I am just wondering what other peoples' experience is.

Thank you! I think I say this every time I add a discussion, or I respond to a discussion, but I really don't know what I would do with out this forum. I love that I am able to find answers and "talk" to people that have a similar situation as me.

Ahhh… Another person from a school… I was a school-based Speech Language Pathologist and can no longer work anywhere due to fibro. I don’t want to believe I can no longer work either. But when I look back over the past two years I realize I’ve missed a great deal of school due to pain, brain fogs… I am coming to terms with this knowledge and am looking into disability retirement through the public school retirement system I’ve paid into for years. So we’ll see.

I too am grateful for this group. I’ve learned so much from all of you! :slight_smile:

I had worked since I was 15 and had to stop in 2011 at the age of 43. I had a neck injury and had to have surgery in 2007. I tried to continue to work but things became so bad I just couldn't. I would be in tears on the way home and have to lay down. Taking care of my daughter on top of that was so so hard. After working all day I could not move and would have the worse headache. In Dec 2011 I went out of state disability and in Dec. of 2011 I filed for SSDI. Everyone has a different experience but this was mine...

Filed Deb 2011, received first denial July 2012, retained a SS attorney and refiled. They sent me to one of their doctors but still denied me again. I appeared before a judge in July 2013 and was approved and received my first payment Sept 2013. With my medical history the judge was amazed that I was not approved from the beginning. It was a very stressful and I wish I had a better experience to share. I went over a year without any income and too many doctor appts to count. But in the end I am glad I did it. I miss working but I have the energy most days to take care of my daughter.

The good news is not everyone has to wait so long. And they back dated my medicare so I will have that as of June this year.

I am not sure how much Fibro went info the decision making for my case but it is one of the many I have.

Start early & get a lawyer. I applied for disability over a year ago & got turned down the 1st time (standard) & am waiting for a hearing. It could take over a year to get the hearing and there's no guarantee you will be granted disability. You don't have to pay the lawyer up front & the fee is capped which is nice. In addition to fibromyalgia, I broke my neck & have had back surgery & I was told that eve though may not be able to "do" my current job, I could do something". LOL

They will tell you to get a job, my lawyer waved the fee if he cannot get me disability I just got turned down for the first time I was taking enbril which got me on my feet but it created or made worst my heart disease I had a mild heart attack and had a stent put in so I had to quit taking it after 4 yrs I had no other bad symptoms except injection sight iritation

I would love to work and never miss a single day… But the fact is: someone will have to “carry my weight” when a flare knocks me to my knees. Who wants to work with me? Who wants to do their job plus mine sometimes? Knowing that I’d miss many days, who would hire me? Odds are, no one…

Are there jobs that attendance doesn’t matter? If so, then I will happily work. Just provide a list of those jobs and where to find them.

I too worked at a school (high school) for 16 years. I was a high school secretary and loved my job! Loved the kids, the staff and the non-stop variety of work. I hit a wall last school year - too many years of little to no sleep, constant pain, and I was very fortunate to have a compassionate school district and principal to work for. I wasn't ready to leave and the guilt has been a real struggle and still is. A therapist has helped me a lot.

Have you checked into long term disability insurance with your school? Does your state retirement fund have disability insurance? I would look into these. I was surprised that the human resource department directed me to the long term disability and the LTDI company made me apply for disability through my retirement pension plan and apply for social security disability. It was a lot of paperwork right after taking an extended leave, but I fought through it and was able to receive benefits within a few short months. As a teacher, I am sure you have some type of retirement or pension plan.

I didn't want to go on disability either - it seemed so final, but with the medical bills mounting it helped. I needed to improve my quality of life and get some sleep! Every day is painful but being able to sleep in and pace myself, my stress level has decreased. It still plays a part everyday and increases the pan, but I try to stay away from it as much as I can. What I have learned from over a year of therapy is to learn to think about yourself first. Most of us are type A people and very giving and think of others first. You're health is the most important thing you can do for YOU! Best wishes to you all!

I collapsed at work April 21 2010' I was taken by ambulance with lights and sirens to the Dr.many tests were ordered and within an hour or so I was diagnosed with syncopated and hypothyroidism but they suspected epilepsy and an web was ordered 2 days later.I had the test results 5 days later.it wasn't epilepsy.I was put on mesothelioma the next day.I wasn't getting better and kept going to my primary.in June 2010 he prescribed 50 thousand units of vitamin d .he tried everything but I wasn't getting better.he told me he couldn't do anything more and to make an appointment at the university of Iowa hospital and clinics.I have 2 sisters that live in streamlined area one is in the medical profession.she said it would be better there than in iowa city be a uhh we OF the new MED school graduates.they AND I wanted an attending Dr.I saw an internist who ordered a lot of tests.I was referred to a rheumatologist.he ordered a lot if TESTS and in the the following January I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.he tried a lot of meds over the next 2 years.nothing worked.my sunglass concerned it was a possible debilitating condition and said I needed a Dr DIAGNOSIS I applied for disablity in Jan 2011 'I was denied and applied for reconsideration and DENIED AGAIN.I HIRED AN ATTORNEY THE SUMMER of 2013'I had all my Dr records with every detail including the incident report from work the paramedic report the triage nurses and we des report with all the test results and every Dr and tests subsequently.my disability attorney THOUGHT it would be a good idea to have a physiologist appointment.I was one the summer of 2012'my HEARING WAS set June ,19 2013' it was in Dr s moines iowa . I had two options video HEARING from burlington or travel to des Moines.I asked the ATTORNEY his opinion.he said it would be better in des Moines.he asked the judge hearing the case if I could have mine in des Moines.the ingredient that day was in burlington.I'm glad I WENT to des Moines.we went in we had to empty our pockets and the ladies purses were searched.we had a consultation with the attorney.the others stayed behind couldn't come into the courtroom.the ATTORNEY and I WENT in and were sworn in.the judge asked the ATTORNEY QUESTIONS.the ATTORNEY and judge asked me QUESTIONS.a witness TESTIFIED the dame process.a VOCATIONAL EXPERT TESTIFIED on the telephone.the judge sais he would make a decision in four weeks and he thanked me for making the long DIFFICULT journey.it's a 3 1/2 hour drive each way.I was approved in four weeks .be persistent ans patient.the ATTORNEY won't take your case unless they can win.if you do win the attorneys fee is 25 percent up to $60000 ' it's a long process but it was worth t.I also had my supervisor and a friend/WORKPARTNER JOAN submit an affidavit. Heidi and I are very happy.my Australia. Shepherd dog.we're very :) ally in our own place.I miss the gang at work but they understand and I visit them.if you have anymore questions just ask.