Disability sticker

Hi everyone! I need to vent a little. I work full time for a university in admissions. I have to do college fairs at organizations from time to time. I have one coming up at the GM motor plant near me. Because I drive a non-GM car, and more specifically, a foreign car (Toyota), I have to park in their far back parking lot. This was no problem before fibro, but with fibro and my many other ailments (osteoarthritis in my neck and lower back, bursitis in my hips, and plantar fascititis that I can not seem to get rid of. This all makes it very difficult to walk the distance of that parking lot to the entrance door, pulling a heavy suitcase with college material in it, and a bag over my shoulder. So, this year I decided to go to my new family doctor (my doc retired) who is a Nurse Practioner and seems very intelligent and ask her for a temporary parking permit (well, a form to take to the bureau of motor vehicles). Initially, she said no, those were for people who have major illnesses or use a cane or walker, etc… But I wouldn’t let up. I explained to her what it is like for me to walk that kind of distance…no pretty. So, she finally gave in. I explained to her that this was very humbling for me. I didn’t want to beg. If I tried to park where everyone else parks, but they would tow my vehicle, and according to the guard, I risk getting my car “keyed”!! So, anyway, I plan to go to the BMV and get my TEMPORARY STICKER, because what is wrong with me is not good enough for a permanent sticker. Which is fine because I am not ready to be disabled. But I was hurt by how far I had to go to get her to understand. I’ll give her a break though, it was only the second time she had met me. I was with my former doctor for 17 years. It takes a while, I think, to grow a relationship with your doctor. I would have went to my rheumy but it takes months to get into her. I only had to wait for a week to get into my NP. And I waited a week, because I told them it wasn’t anything serious, so they didn’t have to get me in right away. Blessings to all of you!

I had to get a temp. One winter when hubby was in the hospital and the parking garage was under construction…my fibro flares in winter, so i knew i could not park like blocks away and have to do it late at night… they never even blinked …i did not even need an appt…

So there is quite a disparity of knowlege out there …when they truly understand the disease , they will help…
i am sure they would have given me a permanent one, but i felt i could wait on that…

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I am so sorry you experienced that as it is never easy to admit you need this!
I got a new job almost a year ago and the employee parking is about 2 1-2 blocks from my office and there were stairs.
I finally decided I needed to get a handicap sticker because I take my laptop and other bags with me every day and my shoulders and hips were starting to really hurt.
I only use it at work because it is not an issue for me anywhere else because I can park close.
And I work for a hospital!

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Very sorry you had a hard time convincing your NP but glad to know you managed to get the sticker. My doctor only understood after my husband told her that he had to line me up with a lamppost to see if i was moving. And he was dead serious, some days it is that bad.

The bigger struggle was for me, myself. I so did not want to ask for it because it felt like defeat, like i had given up. I have been not-asking for 3 years past when i should have.

We got a permanent license plate for my car and a hanging tag for his car.

As you are a visitor not an employee at the facility, i am not sure who would be the correct office for you to approach? But if you feel strong and brave that day, maybe a visit to HR department as they are more accustomed to handling workplace/health problems? It won’t help for this trip but maybe by the time you have to go back again, the culture may have changed a bit?

Many good wishes for improving health, ra🐢

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I am so sorry you had to practically beg for a sticker. People do not understand fibromyalgia. I have been a nurse for 24 years. In July of 2018, so not quite a year ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have always worked in hospitals as a floor nurse. I cannot remember taking care of any patients with fibromyalgia. What may have happened,is that either they never told me they had fibromyalgia or they did tell me and my answer was, ok. End of story. Yet, I’m not the type of person to just blow off a patient’s diagnosis or pain. In July I had to educate myself about fibromyalgia. And I’ve seen a lot in my career. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel like fibromyalgia is the silent, unspoken, painful condition. Sort of like” don’t ask, don’t tell “

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Thank heavens I had that sticker. I made it through the two day event and actually didn’t feel embarrassed to have to park in the disability space. And no one said anything mean to me, and my car wasn’t “keyed”. It was two happy days! Thank you all for making me not feel so bad.