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Disability hearing


Has anyone gone through a disability hearing in the states? I'll be seeing the judge in March and I was hoping someone out there could tell me what I can look forward to. I do have a lawyer. I'm wondering what kinds of questions were asked. How were you treated? Were you spoken to rudely? How long did the hearing take? Any information would be appreciated.


I have a relative who had to go in front of a judge for her hearing, & she just happened to be on day 17 or 19 of a 21 day migraine. The deciding factor was how she was, during the entire court hearing. I don't remember how long the hearing was, but she did say that there was a person there who suggested different kinds of jobs that she could participate in & when the Judge said yes, but, will she get fired if she missed more than 7 days per month because of illness & the answer was always yes.



Just wanted to let you new folks see this M


Luna, you are very kind to have bumped this. Thank you. tired, please share an update. How’re things going for you?

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Just wanted to let you new folks see this M


Thanks a Bunch, BB!!!!!

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