Disability benefits

Turned down again for the final time. So pissed

Did you have a lawyer? I was turned down and was turned down until I got a lawyer.

Callie, did you use an attorney? Did you have medical records documenting your fibro plus other diagnoses? Did your doc agree to help you? Look, as far as I understand it, you can either appeal it or go back to the beginning of the process and try again. But if you're using an attorney, they may not go with you on another attempt. Still, it's worth trying and asking.

And I'm SO sorry for you!!!!! That s**ks! I know I'd be doing mental pinwheels if I were you. I can't understand why they'd turn you down. Do you mind sharing with us why they did so? Maybe someone here would have some helpful suggestions on how to argue an appeal. It's not right to deny a disabled person disability.

Truly saddened,


I've heard the same thing over and over again, Tracie. And the thing is, you don't pay the lawyer until and unless YOU get the disability pay. My attorney's fee was less than a thousand. I deducted it from my award immediately. It's SO SO worth having an attorney fight your case. They know all of the ins and outs and how to word things and which medical records are the most relevant.

Congratulations to you, Tracie for finally getting your disability. I hope that Callie can try again to get hers.