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Different kinds of Pain?


I've found 3 distinct types of Fibro pain.
*Skeleton's On Fire Pain.
*Skin's on Fire/or Terrible Sunburn Pain (w/no sun exposure)
*No Cushion in Joints (bones rubbing on bones)

I'm having the bone on bone pain today.
I described it to my husband as an irritant similar riding in the car with a 2 & 4 yr old arguing while looking for a house in the country of a relative you weren't really wanting to visit for Thanksgiving.

Has anyone else had these different pains?

Plus a new thing I have started having is a burning pain in my stomach when I'm leaving my house. :(



We are discontinuing blogs soon I am going to move your blog to the discussion section.


Hi, Carlita here.
I have had all three types of pain. Most recently the burning sensation over my left shoulder crawling up my neck, chin and across my mouth nose and left cheek. Seems trigger point injection helped some.
Most recently a sort of itching under my nails. Not sure anymore what truly fibro symptoms and brought on by stress. Any answers?


Stress does cause symptoms to worsen. You can post under general discussions any questions you have.


I want to thank everyone that responded to my questions. With advanced Fibromyalgia such a still unknown to local medical practitioners it’s good to have a world wide support group.
Thank you,

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