You just described my legs. ;) I walk to the next room and it feels like I ran 20 miles. If there's not a chair I sit on the floor and wait for them to stop.

I'm glad we have sussed that out now. The problem with fibro is if we become inactive it will get worse and worse until we can't do anything. I would recommend seeing a physio, especially one with a good knowledge of fibro, and start stretching the muscles and slowly build up the strength in your legs etc. It takes a long time, but a "graduated" exercise programme helps fibro. However, the CFS stops you/me from getting so far, but I guarantee you, you will be able to walk again. I am 100% sure of this.

When I was first ill, and many others too, I was bed ridden for months and after going through a pain mgmt programme with a specialised physio and psychotherapist, I have come on so far it's amazing. I still remember that, when I start going down hill, to build up the exercises again and try to keep as active as I possibly can, without making myself worse. It took 6 months to get better and such hard work, but its totally worth it.

I hope you can get the help to improve your mobility and quality of life soon. We all deserve it.

Hey! It's called "english" for a reason lol. Its so funny though the differences like cookies/biscuits, jello/jam, fries/chips, chips/crisps. No wonder we have fibro fog! And I'm not helping matters.

I told my bf in ohio a couple of months ago that I bought a buddha picture and he went silent for a bit. It took a few minutes before I realised he thought I meant butter (or budder as he pronounces it), not Booooooda lol!! Why would I want a picture of butter the nutter?!

Sorry it's jelly.We have jelly but you called it jello. lol. Headache or what!

I say hug too, sometimes, but will send you a cuddle for a change