Depo Prevera and other birth control

So I have been meaning to post about this for about 6 months.

To any of you on any hormonal birth control please please please read this, because this realisation has drastically changed my life for the better.

So I found the pain cause of my fibromyalgia being so bad. And it was :Depo Prevera! The birth control I had been given for my enometriosis! It was fantastic at solving the endo problem but created a much worse one: Being stuck in bed almost 24/7 because of being in too much pain to move. Depo Prevera for some people (Like myself) lessens bone density as much as menopause does- Which is not ideal for a 15 year old. This meant I went from being a reasonably fit and active person (especially for someone with fibromyalgia) to have scoliosis type symptoms. My spine would go into this huge 'S' shape which also caused my ribs to painfully press on 'things' (sorry for the lack of medical terminology) and I also lost almost all the muscle I had. I could no longer lift a bottle of milk or can of food even though month before hand I had been able to do handstands and cartwheels. I also went from having a siz pack to letterally no muscle around my torse/back. I was also only able to stand for a maximum of 30 minutes because I had so little muscle around my knees and ankles, I also somehow developed plantar fasciitis and re tore the ligament casing in my knee, which the doctor thought happened because of having so little muscle around my legs.

Anyway now I have fully described the awfulness we all know as fibrmyalgia.

So I went to family planning (like planned parenthood) and they were very confused as to why someone with fibro had been on depo prevera for 18 months. This is when I found out it could be the cause of my severe symptoms. I switched from depo and an IUD called a Merina. and after only 2 months of discontinueing the depo injections I started doing little things like helping with dinner and filling the jug. Another 2 month later I was able to go camping! This was hugggge for me. Now 7 month after not having the depo I am doing excercise EVERYDAY. I am sitting my exams and returning to school next year. The other day I went for a run for the first time in almost 3 years.

So to any of you on the pill, with a rod or getting injections please consider it could be whats triggering your pain. It may not be but still consider it. I honestly feel like I have superpowers!

That is so helpful I have been on birth control for endometriosis and ovarian cysts for years and was diagnosed with fm almost a year ago and I’ve recently been wondering with all my symptoms and imbalances if the bc was possibly having more negative affects than so I stopped taking it and also hav seen a big difference but thought mayb it was just a coincidence but after reading your post I’m realizing it mayb more than that… Thanks again for the great post

Interesting post. I had huge issues with every BC pill I tried. We ended up with an IUD for a while, and then, since I was finished having children, I had a hysterectomy. Not just for birth control, but for the numnerous issues with my uterus. Anyway, not being on hormonal BC was a life changer. I can't recommend IuD enough. Myhysterectomy has been wonderful too. i only regret that for about 5 minutes every year or so, so I think it worked out! LOL!

This is really interesting bc I decided to quit taking the pill about three months ago bc I thought it was possibly making my oak. Worse also and I was sure it was making my ibs symptoms and weight gain worse. I was on a low dose for about the past four years and looking back, my pain was the worst it’s been over that time. Quitting the pill and starting to take magnesium daily has been a game changer for me so far. I’m glad you’re bringing this to peoples’ attentions.

*symptoms not oak lol