Dental Work Anticipation

I've mentioned in a previous post that I have some dental work to be done. I scheduled it this morning for a couple weeks from now. I am not looking forward to it. Nobody enjoys dental work. My concern is having a flare as a result of the whole body experience and what all that will bring on. I am having a bridge removed and replaced. It's not voluntary. Because I don't have enough saliva I have a tiny bit of decay in the two teeth that the bridge is attached to. Without enough saliva our mouths don't wash away bacteria. Those bacteria hang on and decay is more probable. My dentist explained to me that the meds I take cause dryness in the mouth.

Enough explaining, I'm just a little stressed about what this process is going to do to my body. Probably just silly anticipation. And anticipation brings on anxiety, etc.

Oh well, I'm lucky to have dental insurance. I will have a substantial co-pay. I have to have it done before my husband retires. I'm not complaining. I am happy to know about it and be able to be pro-active.


HI L=Kitty,

OOH, I understand not looking forward to the dentist, but it may be the time to just get it done. Also mention the dryness to him and to your Dr, it may be your meds, I thought that for a long time too, until Sjogren's showed on my bloods, dry eyes and dry mouth are the most tangible symptoms.

I'm not attempting to diagnose you, but it's something to mention and ask about. Hope all goes well for you!

Biotene dental products for dry mouth are great! Available at Walmart!

Hi, Kitty, I can relate, I don't like going either. The biggest thing for me is that SMELL that is noticeable in all dental offices. lol. And hearing the high whining sound of the drill while you're waiting to be seen next. I think all those negative things start in childhood as you get your first cavity and have to get a shot. Kids at that point develop some fear because to them the shot is extreme pain but to us, just a little pinch. I'm not making this any better for you, am I ? lol. Sorry. You will do fine, it's just small cavities. May I suggest taking a CD or MP3 player and ear buds. Ask if you can listen to your music while he works. Then just close your eyes and envision a beautiful, relaxing scene. You could also maybe ask for some nitrous oxide. I used that once when I had to have a tooth pulled. It really helped. If you can relax through the whole thing, your body won't produce stress hormones that lower your immune system. Then I think you won't have any ill effects from the fibro. Hopefully, anyway. Just try and relax.....I'll say a prayer for you! : ) Gail

Hi SK. I've had the Biotene mouth rinse or mouth wash...whatever it's called. It did not do anything for me. Still had dry mouth. Have you tried the tooth paste? I am willing to give it a try. Currently I am rinsing with hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and whiten. It doesn't help with dryness though.

HI friend!! I can understand your concern about the possible flare-up. However, when I had serious dental work about 2 years ago (I had to have 3 surgeries), I was stunned that I didn't get a flare-up. It was a major concern of mine, because I know when I am really stressed, I hurt all over. I do suffer sometimes from dry mouth. Like you, it is a result of some of my meds.A while back, I went to Walmart and talked to my pharmacist about this and he recommended ''Biotene''. Have you ever heard of this product?? It's great!! It certainly helps to alleviate the dry mouth and the uncomfortable feel of it. So, I always have it on hand, plus I keep a small tube in my purse, just in case. Love, Laurie

I have used the toothpaste for years, the Dentist was amazed the difference it made in my teeth, and yes, I still have dry mouth too, it's just not nearly as bad!

I have braces and have to go to my periodic appointments for adjustments. I have had to have a power bridge which basically is like a stretchy rubberband that goes over the brackets and moves teeth a lot faster. With this quick movement is also pain. Also have had them take off some brackets and reposition them on my teeth. I had to have similar things done before I had fibro and I have not had flares and the pain is about the same as it was before fibro. My orthodontist is great and he relaxes me. Maybe if you tell your dentist that you are worried and a little scared that you may be in a lot of pain afterward due to your fibro. He/she may help do things that relax you and treat you more gently.

I did this with my ortho and all the assistants have been very nice and gentle with me.

Also I am not sure if this is the case with everyone but when I get a flare I do not feel it in my teeth so that pain will just be normal pain and as long as you are relaxed you will do great. I feel the same way about going to get a massage (specialist in gentle fibro massage) for the first time since I have fibro as you do about the dentist so I totally understand how you feel. If we try to go in with a positive and proactive approach that will probably help us not flare. You will do great and remember we are all rooting for you :-)

Hi L-kitty, hey I have an idea about your dry mouth. Saliva is always better than water so maybe you could suck on a lemon drop. Just park it under your tongue and see what happens. Maybe nothing, but sour things always do it for me. I'm sure you can find some sugar free ones if you are worried about cavities. Hope this helps! Gail : )

Well, thanks everyone. I'm happy for the reminder to take my ipod for music. i don't use it often and forget i have it. You all gave me some helpful ideas and i appreciate every one of you. i'm really happy to be getting this done and have it behind me.


Hi L-Kitty - that's a good idea to have music to listen to you. It always calms me down when I am agitated or nervous. Look into what luv suggested - sucking on lemon drops. It really does work. Love, Laurie