Denied long term disability....again

Why? Why??? My attorney and I appealed the denial of my long term disability. I found out, the week I was moving, that it was denied. I don’t understand? But then the disability company said they would give us until September 14th, to have my doctors send in documentation, AGAIN as to why I can’t work full time. I do receive social security but that isn’t much. I’m not trying to manipulate my condition. I’m not trying to “ work the system”. I have moved now to Minnesota. I’ve been her 12 days. My mom decided to save all her medical problems until I got here. Or that’s what I think she did. A week ago, I brought her to ER. Her heart rate was very high and she was in atrial fibrillation. She was discharged this last Thursday. I’m frustrated. I’m sorry. And I miss the people who were “ regulars “ on this site. And I miss seeing new people join this wonderful family. Where did everyone go? Is this normal? I hope everyone is doing well. Many hugs, Freedom :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Hi Freedom

How did the move go to Minnesota? I was thinking about you on the day you were moving. I find asking ‘Why’ never gives me answers. I dont know why you have been denied your disability. When I have been to A&E in the past they have never taken any notice of my Fibromyalgia and often been treated badly by the medics. When we have got this horrible illness life certainly is a challenge. It is also a challenge trying to get people to understand us. I was denied Disability Living Allowance at first. I went to the Citizen Advice people and they faught my case for me and won. But that is in England. I think if people lived with this illness and all the stress it causes then I think they might be more understanding. In other words if people walk in our shoes they would see and understand what we are going through. Apologies not able to answer your ‘whys’ but hope my writing this has helped you.

Hi! I moved two weeks ago today. What a crazy ride it has been! Five days after I moved in, I brought my mom to ER. She was admitted with atrial fibrillation. She was discharged last Thursday. This last Monday, we were in ER again. She has congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Today she had a cardioversion. Now her heart is beating in a regular rhythm. I’m exhausted and hurting. I can hardly think.

Sending prayers that everything works out in your favor!!!

Hi Freedom

Glad your mum’s heart is now beating normally. I moved nearly 9 years ago and it does knock one for six, so I am not surprised you are hurting and exhausted and on top of the move you have had to cope with your mum being taken to hospital. Thinking about you. If you have the energy wrap your arms around yourself and that is a gentle hug coming from me.

They deny American citizens help cause they spend all our money on illegals.

I spent over a year trying to get disability after my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome caused me constant pain in my left arm despite therapy improving its function. Even with debilitating Fibromyalgia and severe issues from cervical degenerative disk disease, I was denied as well. If a condition is “invisible,” they seem more likely to deny. I always tried my best at appointments and would lift my hands over my head and all when asked despite whatever pain I suffered later. Apparently that means I can work full time to them. Sigh. Good luck to you. I hope you get approved eventually.