Delayed Gastric emptying

Hi does anyone deal with slowed gastric emptying? I have been told so many different thing from take Miralax and eat small meals all day and bo fiber… Going to a new Dr at Northwestern University in Chicago soon and wanted to know if anyone else was told what to do for this? Diet? laxatives?

Hi Hippiemom,

I was also told I had delayed gastric emptying based on an informed hunch by my GI doc. Have you had the test there is for this to confirm that’s what you have? I didn’t have the test, but other indicators were there.

Because I also had gastritis that wasn’t very responsive to diet changes and antacid meds, my doc put me on Reglan, which is the med for slowed gastric emptying. It did help with my stomach pain a lot. I’m afraid that’s all I know for that condition, is Reglan, the med. Not sure if you were looking for something more natural for the condition, but that’s all I know of. Hope it helps!


Thanks Fibrogal,
Yes I did have the test for delayed gastric emptying were I had to eat radioactive eggs! this was at the Mayo Clinic in MN so i am suppose to follow up at home. So tomorrow I go to the GI doc and it’s good to know that medication has helped you! Thanks again!