Even most of the medical information you can find on the internet about dampness, weather, barometric pressure related to Fibro and Arthritis tells us that they have no scientific proof, I would bet that at least 95% of the people who suffer this would strongly disagree!

Other than a very light shower maybe a week ago, it's been bone dry, yet when I open the dresser and pull out a night gown or touch my blankets, they're damp. When I go for my clothes in the morning, they're damp!

We have 2 dehumidifiers in the basement that are running, we have one up here, that is not currently being used, now I have to find the correct setting on it, as I have big problems with the Sjogren's Syndrome if I get the air too dry, I'm in trouble.

Anyone else having this problem right now? Does the dampness bother you?

I never believed in weather changes either until last few months when I am paying attention to my pain and symptoms and watching for flares. Last week it was cloudy and more humid than usual and we had some rain and I ached all day and felt like my knees had so much pressure. On Saturday the skies were clear, not a single cloud and it was mid 80's all day and I felt almost good. We have a cold front coming this weekend and Im dreading it. My doctor even said the change in barometric pressure really affects some people and it is a very real thing. I live in West Texas so we have very little humidity so even the slightest amount really bothers me.

When I think of dampness I think of mold. As you know mold can cause terrible health problems.

Is it cool enough yet to turn the heat on in your house? It is here. We had the most beautiful summer, but we are now, suddenly, having "November" weather. A terrific rain storm on the way for the weekend. Yipee! So, needless to say, this grandma has the furnace on. We haven't gotten our pellet stove in yet. When we do it will dry out our house completely, so I will have a humidifier going too.

It is difficult to keep a balance. Turn your heat on for awhile and see if it helps.

Love and hugs,


I connected my FMS with the barometric pressure changes early on. Pressure and altitude changes have always made me sick. Right now we have a cold front closing in and I am in a tremendous amount of pain right now. I think a lot more research needs to be done. Its only logical that a very sensitive central nervous system could be affected by pressure shifts.

Oh, I concur, Kary! They are so behind on the basics! Guess there is no pill to control it, so the research will never come!

It bothers me too, big storms are really horrific on me! I literally have to knock myself out!

See you know about the Sjogren's problem of too dry! It's almost as bad as too damp on the arthritis! Our dx list is just TOO long, Rattled!

When the weather is rainiy and stormy my dr tells me before he asks for the level of pain that it must be rough for me. So at least the dr’s are starting to understand. Good luck with you

I can't do the mold thing, I thought it was ragweed making me so sick, but no response to it on the allergy tests I had done a decade or so ago, it was indoor and outdoor mold instead, and I fear it!

When we used to travel, (when I still could travel) we hit many hotels that I could NOT stay in, I was sick immediately from mold, we had to go somewhere else. We have a side entryway to the basement that we keep a light on 24/7. Mold cannot grow in the light, and heat lamps are even better, we heat our laundry room that is beside the wall of my bed with a heat lamp in winter. It helps tremendously!

I've even been in Doctor's waiting rooms and had to leave because of mold! I can smell it a mile away!