So just been to DART for help with my withdrawal from the codeine which blew up through my Fibro. 2 hr assessment asking lots personal questions about my ‘dark’ past but was a really easy to talk to man. Getting a key worker, acupuncture for addiction and constant assessment. No meds to help with opioid addiction but he’s the expert. So all good…apart from the fact my GP and Pain Clinician still don’t know what to give me for the fibro as my Butran Patches end next week for reasons I have already explained. I really do appreciate it is difficult to treat fibro. My DART physician said maybe they could increase my oramorph each month. They best think quick as I have a short fuse and I don’t want to hit that big red self destruct button. Again.

Lawrence, that's sound great, so glad that they were able to start the process so quickly. now you have a plan! And good support by the sounds of it. I wish you well, and let us know how you are getting on.

take care, Anne

acupuncture can do amazing amazing things and i'm so glad thats part of your treatment. sounds like you are getting good care and that you are working hard on getting better.

you are awesome.

Hi, Lawrence. Just checking in on you. How’re you doing? I like that you’ve got a plan in place and a team working with you on your care.

Had 1st assessment at DART last week and now have a key worker who I am seeing this Friday. Feeling positive thanks x