CYSTS, cysts and MORE CYSTS!

Even tho the doctors say nothing causes cysts, I have so many im SICK OF IT!!!
I have poly cystic ovaries and now i just got my 2nd and 3rd Vaginal cysts! One is internal and the other is outside! I can barely sit down!!! Why does this keep happening to me!? Now i need to have it lanced (cut open!) Does n e one else have this problem???

I had trouble with cysts my whole life. I finally had so many problems I had a hysterectomy in my early 40,s I have seen one article on female issues and fibro and can not remember if it was on web md or not. I hope you are better soon.


I'm an ex Nurse Practitioner in the UK and I used to see ladies with this problem when I was working.

Have you been checked for diabetes? This can cause recurring boils/cysts.

Also, I know it sounds odd but we can harbour a staphylococcal bacteria in our noses! and this can then lead to these recurring cysts, I very often used to prescribe a antibiotic nasal cream like naseptin as well as oral antibitotics to clear this up and stop it coming back.

Hope this helps because quite literally, they are a real pain !!!

Love Lucy xxx

I have not been diagnosed with diabetes. I have poly cystic ovaries and i am about to have exploratory surgery for endometriosis. And since i cant tolerate the hormones for that... My doc plans to do a hysterectomy in December. I am only 27 years old!! I feel like i am dying at times!!! like CANCER would be better than my life!!! Why does this keep happening to me!!

The last cyst i had busted, i was awake and i couldn't handle the numbing needles going in so she busted it with no numbing!!! I cant do that again!!! And my doc says i have to wait till the next surgery to be put to sleep! I went to the ER and they gave me KEFLEX. I know this will help but i get SOOOO Depressed on antibiotics and Steroids! Im even nervous bout my next surgery..... Last year i had my ankle repaired cause i fell and broke it and when i woke up i was sea sick and in a SEVERE anxiety attack!!! I cant take this much longer!!

Make sure the doctor knows about the problems you had before there may be a different medication he can give you to help.

At the risk of sounding very “Plato’s Cave” here…are you dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa? It is co-morbid with PCOS and if you’re unfamiliar with it, I would advise looking it up (though, as I try to remember to warn people, the photos are very upsetting so avoid them unless you need to see a comparison).

I’ve had HS for nearly 20 yrs. I also had endometriosis. It seemed entirely contradictory that one body should have essentially opposite diseases - endo = too much estrogen and PCOS = too much progesterone/testosterone. I had a total hysterectomy at 29 and while it helped with the endometriosis pain, very heavy bleeding, and peace of mind, it did not eliminate the HS. I traded endo pain for abdominal adhesions which are unavoidable and quite plainly suck.

It’s frustrating and I feel your pain. I would start with researching hidradenitis suppurativa and see if it matches your situation. I hope not but at least it’s a starting place.

Best wishes

WOW! i looked that up! i never knew it could be that bad. I definately dont have that. But my hysterectomy is going to be the first of december and theyre gonna scrape the whole area to prevent it from coming back.