Cymbalta made me sick and allergic to endep.... what else is there in australia?

tried cymbalta and it made me so sick i had to stop... now about to give endep the flick as four days with a bad rash that won't abate is a sign i'm allergic to it.... what else?

need it for pain, depression, anxiety and sleep

My doc has me on Lyrica during the day and Nortryptiline with the Lyrica at night, to help me sleep better. Baclefen is another one that helps to sleep by relaxing your muscles, allegedly. Amilytryptiline is yet another. I don't know if these are available in Australia or not.

Here are some links to fibro drugs in Australia. I don't pretend to know all of them, but hopefully something here will be of some help:

depending on whats available you maay have to take seprate drugs for each problem. there r many drugs to treat each issuse that your r having. while it may have been nice to take one pill and be done that may not be the case. i know paxil is great for anixety and xanax is really good for anixety attacks that happen and you need help right away. it starts woeking in about 15 minutes. when it is first given it is given at a very low dose but it can be upped as needed.

Lyrica and savella are the only meds that u can take that will help with over all pain. you may need a seprate pain killer for flare ups.

i cant even begin to think about all the meds out there for depression. dont worry that cymbalta didnt work out for you. i think that with working with your dr you can find meds to help even if meds are limited where you live.

i wish you the best and many hugs

i can't do lyrica as i sleep too long on it and don't wake up for the phone or alarms... no good when you have to go somewhere and you live alone. We have cut the endep in half from 50 to 25 and going to just bear with it along with anti histamines for a bit as it was working apart from the awful rash, dry mouth and sweats. savella is not here yet and mirtazon makes my feet and legs swell