Cymbalta Alternatives


I was recently taking Cymbalta. It didn’t appear to be doing much other than causing me stomach issues, but now that I am off if it my hand stiffness is back. This may just be a coincidence, since with the changing weather. I was curious has anyone else had similar results? I don’t think I want to go back on it, the stomach issues were not worth it: but if it was helping maybe it could be a winter medication when things tend to ramp up and get worse.


Hi Meagan,
if Cymbalta/duloxetine wasn’t doing anything anti-depressive, amitriptyline or nortriptyline might be something similar to try? However I hadn’t heard that any of these help directly with stiffness. I only tried amitriptyline (4 months) and had 8 sfx, so stopped, but stomach issues weren’t one. It didn’t help my stiffness at all.
Supps/amino acids like GABA etc. have improved my stiffness by 90%.

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I have amino acids written down to try, just know it can be difficult to find good quality supplements since it is not regulated by the FDA. But since it’s something that works for a fellow fibro I’ll do more research and see what I can find to try. I will also look into the other meds since the Cymbalta was not for anti-depression.

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Trudy Scott is someone who works with many with these, on her (antianxiety) blog and website she has certain products she recommends. Here in Germany I “rely” on/hope for online pharmacies to keep an eye on reputable brands. Up to now I’d say it’s worked.
(Last week I needed a quick substitute for my passiflora for sleep, which I’d got online, took one recommended by my local pharmacist - however it didn’t work as well for me as the one I get online… - first time I experienced myself how a change of brand can make a difference.)

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