Cubital tunnel syndrome?

I was just diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome also known as ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow

does anyone else suffer from this if so does anyone have any tips on ways to help with the pain & did you eventually have to have surgery for it??

Hi Jesse

I spent a brief period of time in OH&S and this I think is one condition a lot of the salesmen experienced. The salesmen drove from one retailer to another, some great distances. I think the problem developed from the driver placing his elbow on the handle on the inside of the car door. That’s all I know. Hope that helps. Barb

Yes I suffered from this. Not a good condition to have. I also had carpal tunnel , ulmer nerve entrapment , and a trigger finger. I had all 3 operated on at the same time. The ulmer nerve op worked but now I don’t have much feeling there at all. Painwise gabapen worked for me.

Oh boy. I am having serious elbow trouble. I just thought it was FM trigger point gone wild. My rheumatologist gave me a shot 3 mos ago. Let up for about 2 weeks then started again. The inside of the elbow is untouchable but my joint is also killing me. The only savior here is it’s my right elbow and I’m left handed. I wrap my heating pad around it and also using Aspercreme even though it smells God aweful. I haven’t figured out if its working or it smells so bad and freezes the area till my mind gets off the pain. I am going to look up the cubical tunnel syndrome. I’ve already had my wrists done but didn’t know this could happen in elbow. Argggggggggg. I hate this disease!!

I'm not sure if I've had this or not but oh boy, my inner elbow throbbed horribly for months, like I'd banged it extremely hard against something solid. Then I went to PT and my PT person used an ultrasound on the area. It felt goood, like a diffuse heat was bathing the area. This is the ONLY time that PT has helped me, because after several more sessions, the pain on the inside went away. The outside of the elbow took a lot longer to feel better. Now this being fibro and all, I'm expecting it to return. I've had it back and forth in both elbows. If it returns I'm going to try to get the ultrasound treatment again. It might be worth looking into on your end as well.

I dont know if its the same thing... they called it ulnar palsy or something like that. Had to have ulnar nerve transposition. Was the weirdest burning and tingling in hands and fingers. The transposition of the nerve helped a bit and then had carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists that was so so. Still have some of the burning and tingling. If it is same thing nothing I did helped and it drove me crazy!

Praying you are not dealing with this!


Jessie and Susan,

So very sorry to hear that you both suffer this, hopefully there is a simplistic remedy for this. In saying this, I am by no means dismissing the severity. I am sure it is not only painful, but makes movement difficult. I know the pressure type pain of compressed nerves, I have them in my cervical and lumbar spine. It's a different type of pain from the others.

I have an Internist and a Chiropractor who want to send me to a Neurosurgeon, even though the Rheumatologist says it's not that bad. So I asked my Chiropractor just what the big deal of losing a nerve is, and he assured me it is a very big deal, that if the nerve dies due to the compression, then you lose the movement that the nerve made possible.

Learn all you can, and do whatever you need to!

Sending love and hugs,


Hi, i have had pain so bad for over a year now in the elbow and had injections and it helped for a few months and then the inner elbow started so much burning throbbing pain and have had that injected twice and the last time my whole arm throbbed after the freezing came out for almost all night and next day and had to finally put ice on it and eased off but a week later back no more injections for this elbow as now its a mess..was told my bone specialist that its caused from Fibro and ra now and in both shoulders and elbow and a torn rotor cuff.Have had fibro for 30 years and we all know what thats like...So everyday is a sruggle with more pain from head to toe,,,but if you know of anything else for the elbow and both shoulders and even arm area to elbow..please let me know as i would luv some relief.....Soft hugs to you all....thanx Jackie

Hi, I know how you feel. I've had 2 surgeries to release the nerve and now the pinched nerve seems to be a couple of inches from where it all began. I hurt daily--especially when I use the arm a lot. I recently started experiencing the same problems with my left arm.

It is quite painful at times & quite difficult being a mother of a toddler :-/

Wearing a brace at night that keeps your arm completely straight when you sleep was one of the suggestions from my dr & not sitting with your arm bent for very long or leaning on it the more you keep it bent the more problems & pain you will experience

Yes. Just got my second shot from rheumatologist. Have to get a band for my forearm to try to help. Don’t understand why it’s my rt hand when I am left handed. This just began 6 mos ago and I had no idea this was because of FM. But WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED???

Mine is my left hand & I am right handed!

Mine is rt hand and I’m left handed. What are we doing with our other arm? I haven’t figured it out yet. If you do Jessie let me know. Chef friends of mine get it from pot stirring but I use my dominate hand. I am going get me the band for my forearm. Supposed to help. Good luck.